A Beginner's Guide to Acting English

In the tradition of Nancy Mitford 's The Pursuit of Dream and Gerald Durrell 's My Family and Other Creature, comes a tal of a oung narrator in the idst of her eccentric family. But rather than landed gentry or bohemian travelers, it 's a mad extended Iran clan who flee Tehran to 1980s Britain after the fall the Shah. Five year old Shappi and her dea brother Peyvand arrive with their mother in London—all cold weather and strange food—without a word of English. If adapting to a new culture is n't confusin enough, it soon becomes clear that the Ayatollah 's henchmen are in pursuit. With the assis of MI5, Shappi 's family go into hiding. So apart from checking under the family car for bombs every morning, Shappi 's childhood is like any other kids—swings in the park, school plays, kiss-chase, and islamis.
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Published July 2nd 2009 by Ebury Press (first published July 1st 2009
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A Beginner's Guide to Acting English
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gave it

And I just really love stories about what it 's like to be a child -- I feel I have forgotten, I 'm not one of those adults who 's really ood at remembering what it 's like to be a id and gets kids, but I guess I spent so much of my childhood reading books about being a kid that I 've imprinted on them.It was funny reading this because I find it easier to reconcile my mental image of the person in this nove with the person in the videos I 've seen because the person in the ook is an almost completely different side.

gave it

Really enjoyable book about growing up away from home ... and creating a new home abroad.

gave it

Unlike some memoirs I 've read, it did n't feel like it just rambled on past the interesting bits and into the current day solely to catch us up with someone 's entire life.Overall, this is definitely worth it.

gave it

Well if it does, I do not wish to apologise, because I closed it, feeling a level of compassio and homely bonding with a family and author I will never meet, yet will leave behind as family.Shappi Khorsandi, a well-established stand-up comedian in England, shares her family 's story of being Iranian people who were forced to remain in England when the Khomeini revolution broke out.

It was a coincidence that I would read two Iranian memoirs by female authors in a row.

So, I have learnt a lot from both books introducing culture, customs, etiquette and history to me.

The feeling were more controlled.Since Shappi Khosandi assimilated fully into her new life in Brittain, made English friends with the neighbors and in her school, and grew up in a house of laughter and satire, her approach to the nove is more open, spontaneous, sharing much more personal information, less constricted by the formal Iranian rules of etiquette than Kamin Mohammadi 's memoir.

Judging from so many reviews I have read and got to know the people behind it better, I am of the pinion that most of you will enjoy this unexpected 'visit' to Iran ( Persia).

gave it

I 've seen the author on talk shows a few times and she was so cleve but kind of dry so I thought I would enjoy her book and I absolutely loved it.

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