A Behanding in Spokane

A dingy motel room. Small-town America. Carmichael travels with a backpac full of hands, but he wants his own back.

Emily has a hand that he 'd like to sell Carmichael for the right price.

Marilyn wishes that Toby had never stolen that hand from the galler.

Ala thinks Marilyn is pretty hot. He works reception, though he would n't call himself a receptionist. Life and death are up for grabs, and betrayal is governed by imbeciles and madmen in this darkly comic new play from the acclaimed playwright Martin McDonagh. A Behanding in Spokane turns over American daily existence, exposing the obsessions, prejudices, madness, horrors, and, above all, absurdities that crawl beneath it.
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Published February 15th 2011 by Farrar, Straus and Giroux (first published 2010
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A Behanding in Spokane
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gave it

و رسالت مرد این میشود، که به دنبال دست قطع شده ی خویش بگردد.

« هیلتِن اَلس » ، منتقدِ تئاترِ هفته‌ نامه‌ ی « نیویورکر » ، تقریباً از فرصتِ اجرای هیچکدام از نمایش‌نامه‌ های او، برای حمله کردن به آنچه به نظرش « تحقیرِ اقلیت‌ها برای خنداندنِ تماشاگر » می‌آید، نگذشته ( در نقدش روی اجرای « مراسمِ قطع‌ دست در اسپوکِن » می‌گوید بازیگرِ نقشِ جوانِ سیاه‌پوست باید خجالت بکِشد، از بودنش در نمایشی که اقلیتِ رنگین‌پوست را، با الفاظی رکیک دست می‌اندازد) ، اما همه‌ ی نقدهایش را هم با این گزاره شروع می‌کند، که بله، طرح و پیشروی داستان و بسطِ مایه‌ ها و شخصیت‌ پردازی و گفت‌وگو نویسی عالی است، و بعدِ این اذعان به توانایی‌های اوست، که ادامه می‌دهد اما چه و چه و چه ؛ ...

gave it

Well, I mean, I 've NEVER read a play before.

gave it

McDonagh is brilliant when it comes to shaping characters and making them distinguishable from each other based on their actions, attitude and use of language.

gave it

Wow. I had already known how much I loved McDonagh 's work from his films " In Bruges " and " Seven Psychopaths ", but witnessing " The Pillowman " solidified my veneration for the Irish writer. " A Behanding in Spokane " is technically the weakest work I have read or seen from McDonagh, but I still really liked it.

Ultraviolence, macabre humor and un-P.C. jokes are riddled throughout McDonagh 's work and " Behanding " is no exception.McDonagh, like many great playwright 's before him, definitely has distinct types of characters that he writes for his scenarios.

In " Behanding " it is made clear by the original casting that Sam Rockwell was Mervyn, but even without that list of premiere performers it was easie to read Mervyn as a Rockwell-McDonagh character the likes of Billy in " Seven Psychopaths " or Michal in " The Pillowman ".

However, I do not doubt for a second that Carmichael 's dialogue lends itself nicely to the unmistakable cadences of Christopher Walken.Billed as McDonagh 's first American-set play, " Behanding " definitely wrestles with one of the most enduring themes in the country 's literary consciousness: obsession.

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