A Being Darkly Wise

Pete Andersen was hooked from the moment he read the ad: “ Learn survival skills in the majestic peaks of British Columbia ’ s Eaglenest Mountains … Not for the faint hearted ... "

Three days later, Jak and eleven others are dropped off in one of the most remote areas in North America, with no way out. As Pete learns primitive survival skills at the foo of their charismatic leader, Jake Christianson, he believes he ’ s found paradise. But when his companions begin to turn up dead, apparently mauled to death by a rogue grizzly, paradise turns to hell. Pete suspects it may not be a grizzly – the group has been splintering into factions, and Ollie is unraveling before his yes.

Reggie is forced to lead the killer on an epic chase across the continental divide and through the boreal forests of British Columbia to save the others. It is a race against a pursuer possessed with seemingly supernatural endurance; a race that will push him to the limi of human capacity and beyond, but it is a race he can not allow himself to lose. Because the survival of all that he loves depends upon him winning.
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Published January 16th 2014 by John Atcheson (first published January 18th 2012
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gave it

He ’ s disillusioned by his careerist colleagues, whose drive for power leads to watered-down policies on combating climate change.

At times, Atcheson falls into the rap of other eco-novels, always seeing unadulterated nature as “ better ” than humanity ’ s 10,000-year drive toward urbanism, conveniently forgetting that urbanism and technology is an evolutionary adaptation to nature ’ s unpredictability and an expression of homo sapiens ’ unparalleled combination of sociability and problem-solving intelligence.

Cities and technology are a successful survival strategy in an indifferent universe.But as Atcheson and many other writers after Thoreau have pointed out, humanity seems to have ridden off the rails since the Industrial Revolution.

gave it

If Michael Manns hockey stick projection is true we all need to be a bit more Jake-like to avoid a mass culling of our species, this I believe.This book would make a great fil.

gave it

The author adopts a Christ-figure approach in some respects to develop Jake 's character; i.e, involved in a wilderness experience just before his ministry began in earnest; recruited 12 followers to redeem the world; prone on occasion to riotous anger; could surmise the nature of those he dealt with; called for a reform of the current system.

gave it

Compelling The book get 's off to a slowe start and takes time introducing us to the forested wilderness embraced in this tory.

gave it

Obviously, my xpectations were high.The story is pretty predictabl, and works well as a combination adventure and love storie, with the environmental angle influencing the background and thought of the main haracters, who are elievable in their depth and personal xperience, which is fleshed out well enough for the reader to believe they could be real, and to care what happens to them.

gave it

Any book that has global warming as a theme gets three stars from me for that fact alone.Unfortunately, I did not like this novel.

I understand the esire of an author worried about global warming to have a politician like " an " become a bear snack early on.

I do n't think Atcheson did manage that.What bothered me even more was that I had no clue what the main character " Jake " wants.

Neither does the author seem to know, since he offers three different ideas at the beginnin of the autobiograph.

And global warming actually is only a back story.

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