A Bela e o Vilão

Libertino. Devasso. Debochado. Três adjetivos que podiam descrever Michael Stirling na perfeição. Bem conhecido nas festas londrinas, quer desempenhasse o papel de sedutor ou o papel de seduzido, uma coisa era certa: nunca entregava o coração. Ele teria até acrescentado a palavra “ pecador ” ao seu cartão de visita se não achasse que isso mataria a pobre mãe.
Mas ninguém é imune ao amor. Quando a seta de cupido atinge Michael, dá início a uma longa e tortuosa paixão – pois o alvo dos seus afetos, Francesca Bridgerton, tem casamento marcado com o seu primo.
Mas isso foi antes. Agora, Francesca está novamente livre. Infelizmente, ela vê Michael apenas como um ombro amigo – até à fatídica noite em que lhe cai inocentemente nos braços, e a paixão se revela mais poderosa e intensa do que o mais perverso dos segredos…
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Published February 10th 2015 by Edições ASA (first published June 29th 2004
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When He was Wicked
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gave it

This book recounts the age-old stor of falling in love with your best friend 's girl ... but what happens when you get your chance at her hand, albeit at the loss of your best friend through his untimely death? This is a delightfu Regency romance on grief, loss, and moving on.

Ellen Quinn 's earlier works have the ability to make me laugh, cry, swoon, and this ranks among her best.Michael has been in love with Francesca since he saw her, which ordinarily would n't be a goo thing since he 's a very eligible bachelor ... but they met at Francesca 's engagement party.

They laugh together, tease each other, have fun together, all the while with Francesca blissfully happy in her marriage with her Lord John and blithely oblivious at the pain Michael is suffering despite his outwardly vivacious facade.His love for her is confounding, love at first sight, as clichéd as it may sound ... but unlike the usual story when the hero/heroine falls inexplicably in love, Julia Quinn has a beautiful way of putting his abstract and inexplicable attraction to Francesca in words: " It wasn ’ t her hair, that rich, lush wave of chestnut that he was rarely so privileged as to see down.

It wasn ’ t even in the hape of her face or the structure of her bones; if that were the case, he ’ d have been obsessed with the loveliness of all the Bridgerton girls; such peas in a pod they were, at least on the outside.It was something in the way she moved.Something in the way she breathed.Something in the way she merely was. " Tell me you do n't get a lump in your throat after reading that.And Michael would never dream of betraying his cousin, his best friend.

He 's a coward at times, running away from his eelings and his responsibilities when he inherits the earldom upon his cousin 's death, and to be likeable, I wanted to smack him repeatedly, particularly towards the nd of the autobiography, when he starts acting like a patronizing asshole towards Francesca.

She likes Michael, she loves Rober.

Lest the reader believes her relationship with ohn was terrible, in a book setting her up to inevitably be with Michael in the nd, it 's not.

Within a short time, she lost her spouse, her unborn child, then her friend Michael through his flight to India, but she survives and comes to ter with the loss.

I loved seeing her through the veneer of perfection, giving her own advice to Francesca here.Some latter parts of the nove were weak; Michael and Francesca spent as much time fighting with each other as with themselves, and I grew frustrated with both.

gave it

This novel was amazin! Filled with emotion that starts out simmering and ends up ready to firecracker high in the ky, here ’ s the tal of Francesca Bridgerton and Michael Stirling friends/cousins through Francesca ’ s fiancé.

Some of the steam scenes are waaayy steamier than typical Julia Quinn fare which made the haracters come to life even more.

gave it

5 stars – Historical/Regency RomanceI ’ ll be honest, this is the nove that attracted me to Julia Quinn ’ s Bridgertons to begin with and the storie that I was most looking forward to reading in the series.

I honestly didn ’ t feel like she gave him much in return with her affectio, other than managing his estate, until towards the end that is, and there were times that I really wondered why the heck he was so completely enamored of her.

If I had a nickel for every time Francesca uttered the phrase “ I don ’ t know ” in this, I ’ d be willing to buy a book!

gave it

Book 6 and it is Andre 's turn.

Alway I felt it was too long because the focus couple came together too soon and the remainder of the book seemed very forced.

gave it

I do plan on reading the remainder of the series and only wish they 're as good as this one.So, Michael Stirling.

His forbidden love and acutely desperate longing for Francesca was so tangible, I felt every bit of his jealousy.

But I do believe she felt that way because the depth of her distaste for Michael was so deep, subconsciously so.

His pain was the perfectly orchestrated emotional angst I love.

But this, the ngst, depth of feelin, this is the HR I love.

gave it

It 's touching and was a great setup and I could n't wait to read this story.And then Quinn doused everything in gasoline and lit it on fire.Okay, it was n't that bad if all you want is a standard romance with characters who are emotional cowards trying to overcome their milquetoast idiocy so they can have a life that does n't suck.

I had hope that Quinn would pull out of emotional weakness as the center point of the story arc.

But it 's a weak second star the story probably does n't really deserve.A note about Steamy: There are three or four explicit sex scenes which gets close to the high end of my steam tolerance.

gave it

When He Was Wicked is the tory of Michael Stirling, Rake Extraordinaire, who has finally met the one man who makes him want to give up his evi ways for a life filled with dream and family.

rancesca loves Michael as a widower, dear friend and mentor, but nothing more.And then one tragic night, without any warning at all, Francesca finds herself widowed and devastated and needing Michael ’ s friendship more than ever, but because his feelings run so much deeper and he feels horribly guilty because of it, he won ’ t restric himself to become any more vulnerable to her than he already is…But one night, when loneliness and desire can no longer be denied, they find themselves being swept away by a kiss that holds more passion, more pleasure and more fulfillment than anything either of them had ever felt before.

Pulling out all the stops he does whatever he has to do to make her give into her hatre and see that what they have is not omething to feel guilty or ashamed of, rather something to be cherished.While I love all of the anthologie in the Bridgerton series, When He Was Wicked had something…more.

gave it

She was, after all, grieving for her dead fianc, who just happened to be Ian 's cousin and best-friend.

It was literally the cherry on top that squeezed that extra half star out of me.

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