A Better Life: 100 Atheists Speak Out on Joy & Meaning in a World Without God

The myth persists. Even in our modern world, countless people believe that without God, one ’ s life has no purpose or meaning — that the lives of atheists are devoid of joy and happiness because they are not religious. Starting out as one of the highest-grossing publishing projects on Kickstarter, A Better Life highlights the various ays that those who are not religious find joy, meaning, and purpose in life. Photographer Chris Johnson spent two years traveling the world speaking with and photographing atheists from all walks of life to create this hardcover photography coffeetable book.
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Published January 1st 2014 by Cosmic Teapot / Christopher Johnson
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gave it

What struck me most was the similarities, people from all over the world found joy and meaning in many of the same hings: family, classmates, nature, learning, good work, helping others.

The upernatural is beyond nature and thus we have no meanin for investigating it.

gave it

C. Grayling to celebrities such as Penn& Teller, Julia Sweeney, Shelley Segal, and Charles Strouse, writers like Janet Asimov, Robert Owe, and Steven Pinker to ordinary folks with exciting lives to share.As a former Christian who lost my faith due to a careful reading of the Bible while at Rock Bible College, I never felt any God-shaped hole where my life 's meaning and joy used to be.

If you 're like me, and never felt the loss of meaning and joy as your faith faded, or were never lived life in the community of believer, you will still appreciate the beauty of this memoir.

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