A Better Man

Catastrophic spring flooding, blistering attacks in the media, and a mysterious disappearance greet Chief Inspector Armand Gamache as he returns to the SΓ»retΓ© du QuΓ©bec in the latest boo by# 1 New York Times bestselling author Louise Penny.

It 's Gamache 's first day back as head of the homicide department, a job he temporarily shares with his previous second-in-command, Jean-Guy Beauvoir. Floodwaters are rising across the province. In the middle of the crises, a father approaches Gamache, pleading for help in finding his daughter.

As crisis piles upon crisis, Gamache tries to hold off the encroaching chaos, and realizes the search for Vivienne Godin should be abandoned. But with a brothe of his own, he finds himself developing a profound, and perhaps unwise, empathy for her estrange father.

Increasingly hounded by the question, how would you feel ..., he resumes the search.

As the rivers rise, and the social media onslaught against Gamache becomes crueler, a body is discovered. And in the tumult, mistakes are made.

In the first ovel in this " constantly surprising series that deepens and darkens as it evolves " ( The New York Times Book eview), Gamache must face a horrific possibility, and a burning question.

What would you do if your child 's killer walked free?
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Published August 27th 2019 by Minotaur Books
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A Better Man
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gave it

This explosive series, set in rural uebec, gives not only the eel of a wonderful mystery but also hones in on all things Canadian.

A onderful addition to this stellar series, somethin to keep fans wanting more.

Recommended to those who have loved Armand Gamache from the early Three Pines days, as well as readers who enjoy police procedurals with a Canadian flavour.

After a major binge of the series last summer, I was forced to wait like the rest of the Penny fans for this newest piece in the Gamache series.

It was well worth the wait, though I know Penny has had some personal issues, which makes the publication of this piece even more intriguing.

Penny has a wonderful handle on the series, even fifteen books in.

gave it

In this book Gamache and his sidekicks, Jean-Guy Beauvoir and Isabelle Lacoste, all get together to find a oman who has disappeared, which is nusual in itself, as it is not known if she is aliv or not.

Louise Penny dedicated this book to her ca, Bishop.

A friend brought over an old golden named, Bishop, who lived with them for 14 years till he died.

gave it

Louise Penny is a treasure when it comes to the world of crime novels, this is a tunning addition to this stellar series set in the tow of Three Pines in Quebec, Canada, featuring the incomparable and wise Chief Inspector Gamache, having now been demoted by those more spineless, self serving and ambitious, wanting to besmirch the reputation of a an they perceive as having too much power and a threat.

The trengths of this series are the rich complicated, often exuberan, characters, from Amy to Jean-Guy, and their development.

Three Pines is a tow of people who love and support one another, a force to be reckoned with as they come together to fight the threat of catastrophic dangerous flooding, illustrating their strength as a community, no-one is alone.

gave it

This week, the coup de grace, A Better Man. My appreciatio for Louise Penny and her creation of Three Pines and its inhabitants -- around which I built a wonderful vacation last year, traveling a great distance to get to know the eastern townships ( highly recommended!) -- is so high that I offer these suggestions from my heart.

gave it

Her writing style seemed to change, and this essay is filled with sentences.

I do that occasionally, in texts, to emphasize a point, but doing it constantly throughout the book makes the technique lose all sense of emphasis and just gets really annoying.

If I had n't read any of her man boo, I would probably have not been as annoyed and disappointed.

gave it

In the aftermat of a threat from devastating Spring floods, Vivienne Godin, 25 and pregnant, is missing, her cousi is frantic, and her drunken, abusive husband, Carl Tracey, is suspected at having a hand in her disappearance.

And somehow I missed the significance of the flooding.It pains me to do this but it ’ s time for me and Armand to part ways.

gave it

Sweet because I got to catch up with you and our friends in Three Pines a little earlier in the summer than usual.

Bitter because our time together is already over until next year.I found this year ’ s dose of Louise Penny got off to a slowe start.

( I can ’ t believe I just wrote that sentence, but I can ’ t know of any other way to express it.) But because this was not my favorit of Penny ’ s ooks, I thought I should probably be fair and give it 4 stars rather than my usual 5 stars.

Because, despite the plot ’ s failings, these are the feelings I walk away with each year after I finish Penny ’ s latest offering.So, goodbye for now, Armand.

gave it

All combined seamlessly in the lives of arious members of the community we have come to love.

Oddly enough a new character comes to Three Pines and affects the future of one member.

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