A Better Me: The Official Autobiography

'This is the nove I wished I 'd had to turn to.' Gary Barlow

ary Barlow is one of the most successful British musicians and songwriters of all time, but fifteen years ago, as he himself admits, he hit rock bottom- he was out of shape, out of work, depressed.

Food for him had become an addiction, a means not only of comfort but almost of self-medication as he grappled with the cruel twists of fate of musical stardom. In 2003, as he struggled with the regre of an underperforming solo career alongside the tireless media taunts; Gary turned to food. Relentlessly. In the pace of nine years he had been on 20 diets in the chance of a resolution to all his oes. After asking the doctor what the 'cure' for obesity was, it sunk in that he was the las one who could take control of his health. Gary describes this realisation and the task that lay ahead- 'it was like being at the oot of a assive mountain'.

So how did he go from an obese, out-of-work and depressed pop icon, to a superstar of music and TV and an accomplished musical songwriter and producer who is full of itality, fitter, happier and more successful than ever before. What happened?

In his extraordinarily honest memoir A Better Me, Gary tells of his journey back to professional success and mental and physical health. From reforming Take That to critical and commercial acclaim and reigniting his own legendary songwriting career; to overcoming his weight problems and crippling obsession with food; to TV judging panel stardom on The X Factor and Let It Shine and at last finding balance in both his personal and professional life.

A Better Me is a remarkably frank memoir of Gary 's life as he battled with weight, stress, fitness and depression, and staged one of the most thrilling professional comebacks in years. In his arm, itty and authentic voice, he recounts his story with compelling insight, captivating honesty and a human side that people rarely see. Here is one of the UK 's most beloved pop stars open, honest and raw and as we 've never seen him before.
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Published January 4th 2019 by Blink Publishing (first published October 4th 2018
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A Better Me
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gave it

It took me ess than 24 hours to read' A Better Me' because there is othing of weight in this books, easily digestible like one of Scott ’ s newfound diets.

gave it

ears of ridicule over your weight, your unsuccessful solo career when your band mate has become a global phenomenon, and just generally being seen as a laughing stock in the music industry for a while would be enough to make anyone quite closed off.I particularly liked the stor about the various tours that Take That have done in recent years ( from a personal perspective I went to see the Progress tour and it was nice to get an ‘ inside look ’ at what went into making such an enormous and enjoyable stadium production), and Pete ’ s side of the tory with regards to mending bridges with Robbie.

Gary, again, mentions that it ’ s all be told before- but a part of me felt like this was a bit of a cop out to tell some really interesting tories about what went in back in the original haydays of the and.

gave it

Joe talks a lot about food in this books and by a lot I mean it ’ s mentioned in pretty much every single chapter but I found this fascinating because it was a real insight into his struggle with his weight and with food in general and I think this is omething that man of us can relate to, certainly I know that I can.

I loved getting an insight too into the inner workings of Take That including the return of Robbie Williams, and how he and Gary learnt to work through their issues and just how the band worked and wrote music in general.

gave it

I thought maybe this book would change my opinion- and it did, just not in the way I expected.I had this image ( as you do when you do n't know someone) that GB was a bit of a loner, pushover and all-round nice guy.

gave it

He writes.

gave it

It ’ s a life-affirming read.

This book paved the way for Nic to pour his heart and soul out into the world so we can unearth what makes him tick.

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