A Billion for Boris

hings are back to normal for Annabel Andrews since that freaky Friday when she switched bodies with her wife. She is still in love with Boris, her cute friend from upstairs, and she is still annoyed by her pesky little brother, Ape Face. But normal does n't last long in the Fletche household!

When Ape Face fixes a broken-down television set Boris sold to him, something nusual happens. Instead of regularly scheduled programs, this TV shows the future -- one day in advance! They get tomorrow 's shows, tomorrow 's movies, and tomorrow 's news. Annabel thinks they should use their new TV with ESP to help people, but Boris has plans of his own ...
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Published January 21st 2003 by HarperCollins (first published October 1st 1974
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A Billion for Boris
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gave it

I also enjoy books about psychic phenomenon, and the dea of a television that broadcasts shows a day ahead of schedule is just rilliant.

gave it

I first read this sequel to Freaky Friday when I was in sixt grade and I fell in love with Sarah, Boris, and Ape Face.

gave it

Frankweiler) introduced me to New York City ( from a teenager of the 1970s viewpoint, at least); gave me the beginning of an admiratio for the gay voice ( Annabel, on several occasions, sounds more like a gay man than a 13 year old boy, and knowing Mary Rodgers background, that should come as no surprise), and literary introduction to the oncept of meta ( an adult understanding of the name dropping in the firs pages sealed that 30 years later).

Katniss from The Hunger Games may end up in a violent bloodbath, but I 'm not sure the literary teens of YA-dom today would last long in the super hip world of Mary Rodger 's 1970s New York ity, where wit is the ultimate weapon.

gave it

Its about a grandfather and sister and the brother likes fixing things.

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