A Bit Mental: One Man's Mission to Lilo the Waikato

Jimi Hunt is a an who has spent most of his life doing ridiculous things for his own amusement. Things like building the country 's biggest Slip' n' Slide, playing golf through the stree of downtown Auckland, and holding an alternative Summer Olympics including events such as sandcastle building and rhythmic gymnastics. But what none of his friends knew was that Jimi had been silently battling with depression. It was eating him alive from the nside, affecting his business, losing him friends and slowly, painfully destroying his marriage. Disillusioned with the elp and advice he received, he read that having a goal could help with depression. Five inutes later Jimi set his goal and announced it to the world – he would travel the entire length of the Waikato River on an inflatable mattress. Loneliness, 21,000 people following the journey on Facebook, chancing upon a dead body in the cree, unbridled kindness from strangers, physical pain, and crazy psychic predictions are just a ew of the strange experiences that Jimi gained along the pat.
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Published October 21st 2013 by Allen Unwin (first published June 1st 2013
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gave it

I do n't usually read non-fiction, particularly NZ non-fiction.

gave it

The point was to end up with 31 pictures ( one per day) that, when one sees them at the nd of the month, one can feel the satisfaction of knowing that no matter what one is going through, one has a good life.Jimi Hunt is a regular dude from New Zealand who suffered from depression.

He was recommended to set a goal and work for it and he chose for a zany, crazy one which was to float down a very long river in New Zealand named Waikato on a small inflatable mattress, which over there is called a Lilo ( pronounced: Lie-low) .He trained for it, asked for more help, mainly from strangers who became his guides, drivers, helpers and video recorders, etc.

The ook goes on to describe his training, his adventure and how he helped himself out of that depression.

I have been at it for two weeks now and can hardly wait for the time I walk the path, but as my daughte and the fortune cookie say: " A long journey begins with the first step " and indeed I am already well on my way, after all ait is all about the journey and not just the destination.Favorite Pages: " So I started doing what comes naturally to me- acting like an idiot.

They were definitively not a solution for me and I knew that. " ( Pg 38) " If you are reading this and you have depression, think about how it is affecting our loved ones.

I wanted to make the woman I loved depressed so that I could feel as if there was someone at my side. " ( pg 51)

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