A Bite of the Apple

Anabet Haines has dreamed about traveling from the family farm to the exotic places her Aunt Gillian described over the days, so when her aunt recruits her as the next portal traveler, Bet jumps at the opportunit. In the capital of Nokar, Bet begins her training. But when circumstances force Bet to travel alone with little training and equipped only with an ornamental knife and four enchanted apples, Bet must use her wits to retrieve a stolen portal key in the intimidating world of The Big Apple. Has she bitten off more than she can chew?

With the helpe of new acquaintance, including a young woma from another world, and with apples that do n't work the way she expected, Bet searches for the thief and the stolen key.

This ovella is filled with a plethora of characters and ocales. The action escalates as Bet learns what it takes to be a successful portal traveler.
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Published August 7th 2016

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gave it

Bet is asked by her Aunt Gill to come to the capital of their land and learn to be a traveler.

gave it

Much later on in the story it 's suggested that her clothes seem 18th century but the reader should know that she comes from that era upfront- and there 's also not enough sense or description that the rotagonist is from another time period and is entering this very modern world of New York ity.

If it 's for an older teen audience, as suggested by the 19 year old heroine, then it 's far too slow moving and lacking in adventure and story sophistication.

I really felt that this was far too fas and mundane to keep a teenager interested and turning the age.

gave it

Magica and teleporting portals through time and space.

That 's pretty cool right?

This portal takes her to modern Earth, the big apple to be similar.

gave it

Surprisingly, she speaks, understands, and reads English and meets some girls who are unwilling to help her achieve her oals.

She meets a young traveller, Quint, from another foreign world, who also amazingly speaks English and together they achieve Anabet 's quest.I must admit that I do not read YA fantasy so I am reluctant to judge how this book compares to others in its genre.

gave it

While the world of Nokar 's technology level is comparable to an 18th or early 19th century Earth, Aunt Gillian has a little secret.

It seems that the Council of Nokar does n't let the general public in on their secret use of magic portals.

Only a select few know that when in the possession of a portal key ( which is a physical object that allows passage) portals will open to other orlds.

A seashell opens onto a beach in another world, and Bet 's 'key' is an apple.

Maybe a little more depth of WHY Orson opposes the council and what his minions find appealing about him to risk attempting to overthrow that council? With a plucky young heroine and magic keys to many potential adventures, I think Hertzoff has plenty of fodder for multiple stories to come.

gave it

Some baddies under the leadership of a guy called Orson are rebelling against the world ruling council, and have sent one of their baddies, Rolf, to earth for weapons to aid them in their rebellion.

So Anabet finds herself thrown in at the deep end, off to arth to try and stop Rolf and his weapons acquisition, alone not with her frien as planned, as all her world is in uproar and her sister ’ s needed back home.Anabet ’ s portal, as it happens, leads to New York.

I do think the easons for the rebellion need better development, if we are really to root for Anabet in her struggle against these rebels.

gave it

Lead character is an admirable and plucky young lady who sets out on an adventure in which she feels somewhat unprepared.

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