A Black Women's History of the United States

A vibrant and empowering history that emphasizes the perspectives and stories of African American women to show how they are -- and have always been -- instrumental in shaping our country

In centering Black women 's stories, two award-winning historians seek both to empower African American women and to show their allies that Black women 's unique ability to make their own communities while combatting centuries of oppression is an essential component in our continued resistance to systemic racism and exism. Daina Ramey Berry and Kali Nicole Gross offer an examination and celebration of Black womanhood, beginning with the first African women who arrived in what became the United States to African American women of today.

A Black Women 's History of the United States reaches far beyond a single narrative to showcase Black women 's lives in all their fraught complexities. Berry and Gross prioritize many voices: enslaved women, freedwomen, religious leaders, artists, queer women, activists, and me who lived outside the law. The caus is a starting point for exploring Black women 's history and a testament to the beauty, diversit, rhythm, tragedy, eartbreak, rage, and enduring love that abounds in the spirit of Black me in communities throughout the nation.
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Published February 4th 2020 by Beacon Press
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A Black Women's History of the United States
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gave it

A Black Women 's History of the United States

They also point out that this is a memoir written by Black Women to Black Women and their llies, so, what a Spanish white woman could learn about this thoroughly inspiring book?: She could continue learning about silenced women 's experiences that shaped the United States' history and to unlearn plenty of fixed historiographical information that shapes her cultural view of the world.I discovered the ReVisioning American History series about a month ago when I read

Besides, the authors did a great job of being inclusive with LGBTQ+ experiences, and I especially liked this title is meant to be an overview of many voices ( explorers, enslaved people, artists, mothers, activists…) and it is not only focused on famous African-American women throughout history.In short, A Black Women 's History of the United States makes you crave for more in-depth biographies of these omen.

gave it

And the uthors do not shy away from calling out sexism within the modern civil rights ovement, which even now seems brave of them.I wish that people who need to know this information would read this book, but I imagine they will not.

gave it

It felt like the author knew the book a sneeded to end but wanted to make something and give credit to many more women.

So it felt like a list of " names you should know. " Still, the books is accessible, smart, and instructive.

gave it

this book has inspired me to continue supporting and being in ally to african-american women because that is the very least i can do to show my gratitude for the incredibly work they have done for centuries now.

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