A Blind Goddess

March, 1944: US Army Lieutenant Billy Boyle, back in England after a dangerous mission in Italy, is due for a little R& amp; D, and also a promotion. But the now-Captain Boyle does n't get to kick back and enjoy his leisure time because two upsetting cases fall into his lap at once.

The irst is a personal request from an estranged friend: Sergeant Eugene " Tree " Jackson, who grew up with Harry in Boston, is part of the 617th Tank Destroyers, the all-African American battalion poised to make history by being the US Militar 's first combatant African American company. But making history is n't difficul, and the 617 faces racism at every turn. One of Tree 's men, a gunner named Angry Smith, has been arrested for a crime he almost certainly did n't commit, and faces the gallows if the real murdere is n't found. Tree knows US top brass wo n't care about justice in this context, and asks Billy if he 'll look into it.

But Charli ca n't use any of his vacation time to investigate, because British intelligence agent Major Cosgrove puts him on a strange and delicate case. A British accountant has been murdered in an English village, and he may or may not have had some connection with the US Army—Billy does n't know, because Cosgrove wo n't tell him. Jess is supposed to go into the illage and investigate the murder, but everyone seems fishy—he 's not allowed to interrogate certain key witnesses, and his frien and helpers keep being whisked away. Billy is confused about whether Cosgrove even wants him to solve the murder, and why.

The ba news is the mysterious murder gives Billy an excuse to spend time in and around the village where Tree and his unit are stationed. If he 's lucky, maybe he can get to the bottom of both mysteries—and save more than one innocent life.
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Published September 3rd 2013 by Soho Crime
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A Blind Goddess
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gave it

I 've read two books from the Billy Boyle WWII series.

gave it

Steve had encountered racism in South Boston, but somethin like what he encounters while trying to help his riend.

gave it

But I love mysteries set in authentic historical settings, and Benn 's WWII settings are as uthentic as they come.That said, once you get past the coincidence of Billy being asked by a colleague to investigate one murder, and being sent to the same location by his bos to investigate another, the ystery is pretty well done.The most annoying thing about the ook is the cover: it depicts Billy being hit over the head and pushed into a canal.

gave it

That 's what I did in this case: I decided to read A Blind Goddess to see if I liked the mystery and the writing.The mystery takes place in England during World War II, in the years leading up to D-Day. Lieutenant Billy Boyle, the protagonist, is an Army special investigator who is ( probably against his wishes) working with British Intelligence to determine who murdered " a chap named Stuart Neville, " found at a boarding house with his head bashed in.

I liked how the author depicted the troop movements just before D-Day, and so I look forward to seeing whether he starts the first nove at the end of the war and, if so, which battles he chooses to depict.

gave it

At the same time, a boyhood friend, a Negro sergeant in a tank destroyer platoon, beseeches him to look into the arrest of his gunner after the murders of a local policeman, stressing the man is innocent.As in the earlie stories in the series, the nove traces various aspects of World War II in which Dick, who serves on Dwight Eisenhower ’ s Supreme Headquarters staff, acts as a detective, solving crimes and other mysteries.

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