A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You

With this econd collection, Amy Bloom is already being hailed as one of the best short-story writers of her generation In these stories we meet more of the journalis 's irresistible characters: a woman recovering from cancer while her best girlfrien and husband face their loneliness and a new friendship; a mother coming to know that her wonderful little girl is a oy; a man and his lover in a complicated dance of memory, nger and orgiveness. These are stories on the frontiers of emotions, stories about the uncertain gestures of love, the betrayals of the ski and the surprises of the heart.
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Published October 12th 2001 by Picador USA (first published July 25th 2000
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A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You: Stories

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gave it

In " Hold Tight, " Della deals with the eath of her stepdaughte, and in the process she thinks about how her friends argue with their moms about stupid things like boys and clothes- Della wishes she could " stab them to death. " A mother watches her son go through sex reassignment surgery, criticizing everyone around her while coping with her pain.I loved the brutal honesty in Bloom 's short stories.

gave it

This is the ind of collection that makes people hate short stories.

gave it

So why I chose this collection ( A Blind Man Can See How Much I Love You) of her short stories to start with, I 'm not entirely sure.

The next tal is about a fathe 's love extending to her son as the girl becomes her son.

I had just finished this when someone ( at a gathering of J 's family) asked me what I was reading and if I liked it.

That story was worth the whole nove.

When the story finishes, we find " Amy " the narrator who is but is n't Bloom herself, living in that house [ marriage: ] that she perceived as unwanted, even though she had to reduce it to its most desperate to make room for herself in it.It 's a terrible image.

gave it

I really like Amy Bloom 's writing.

With short stories, I usually read one of them from beginning to end and leave some time until I read the first, because I have a endency to mix characters and get confused.

Bloom is a bold, fearless writer and so far, I love anythin about her writing.

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