A Blink of the Screen: Collected Short Fiction

A collection of shorter fiction from Terry Pratchett, spanning the whole of his writing career from schooldays to Discworld and the present day.

In the four decades since his first book appeared in print, Terry Pratchett has become one of the world 's best-selling and best-loved authors. Here for the fourth time are his short stories and other short-form fiction collected into one volume. A Blink of the Screen charts the course of Pratchett 's long writing career: from his schooldays through to his first writing job on the Bucks Free Press, and the beginnings of his debut boo, The Carpet People; and on again to the dizzy mastery of the phenomenally successful Discworld series.

Here are characters both familiar and yet to be discovered; abandoned worlds and others still expanding; adventure, hickens, death, disco and, actually, some quite disturbing ideas about Christmas, all of it shot through with Terry 's inimitable brand of satire. With an introduction by Booker Prize-winning author A.S. Byatt, illustrations by the late Josh Kirby and drawings by the author himself, this is a nove to treasure.
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Published October 10th 2013 by Corgi (first published October 29th 2012
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A Blink of the Screen
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gave it

Here, Granny Weatherwax terrorizes the residents of Ramtops by " being nice. " Many people could say things in a cutting way, Nanny knew.

I feel Death 's pain.) ASTONISHING, said Death.

gave it

I ’ ve so far avoided this collaborative work, but the short story put it back on my to-read ist.

There were several tories that left me wishing for their novel offspring.

"# IFDEFDEBUG+ ‘ WORLD/ENOUGH ’+ ‘ TIME ’ " was another of my favorites, the ort of semi-dystopian cyberpunky short story that I tend to fall in love with.

" Once and Future " is another tory that I wish had become a novel.

When his time-machine malfunctions, a nerd named Mervin finds himself in a place called Avalon where everyone keeps mispronouncing his name… The final section in the novel is composed of Discworld shorts.

While most are simply little gags written for conventions or similar, there are three genuine stories in the catalogue, all of which can also be found online.

Those who fight for the bright future are not always, by nature, well fitted to live in it. " Out of all the tories, the ne that stayed with me the longest was " The Sea and Little Fishes. " It ’ s basically an exploration of " Granny " Esme Weatherwax, who I find one of the more compelling Discworld characters, mostly because while she ’ s excellen, she ’ s certainly not nice. " The villagers had said justice had been done, and she 'd lost patience and told them to go home, then, and pray to whatever gods they believed in that it was never done to them.

For every unheeded beggar, every harsh word, every neglected duty, every slight…Who ’ d get to her funeral when she died? " I think the story is meant to be as light and funny as the whol, but I found it unalterably sad.

gave it

Lon stories cost Terry Pratchett blood, so he occasionally says in the autobiographical introductions to each story in this novel of collected short stories, squibs and juvenilia, which would account for the remarkably small number of said stories over his long and successful writing career.

That or you 've never read any Pratchett and have somehow stumbled upon this review from another universe.

gave it

For fans of the woma of course this is a must read, it 's split about 50/50 Discworld and 'real' world novels although many of Pratchett 's stand-alone work still smells of his most famous universe.

gave it

This is a ollection of Pratchett ’ s short nove, divided into non-Discworld and Discworld, and the earliest story is his first published tory, written when he was a teen.

Some of the non-Discworld stories are bit a darker than one normal sees from Pratchett.

The non-Discworld stories ( and a ew of the Discworld stories) poke fun and criticize certain government programs, institutions, and governmental ways of life.

Reading this collection so soon after Pratchett ’ s death is a reminder of what the world as a whole as lost – a great humanist.

gave it

It also introduced the Witch Trials, which are expanded upon in A Hat Full Of Sky.In sum, this collection is crucial for any fan of Terry Pratchett.

As for the later tories, myriad of them are absolute gems, and it 's simply wonderful to have all this stuff collected in one place at last.

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