A Blogger's Manifesto

A Blogger 's Manifesto is a short ebook about blogging written by a blogger. It covers the tory of my book blog Confessions of a Readaholic and other essentials for an individual who is getting started with blogging or is a new blogger.

The ook in detail covers:
- Starting a blog with zero followers
- Writing a compelling blog post
- Why Comments are essential part in blogging community
- How to reach your milestones with your websit
- Social Media and money making tips

For book bloggers:
- Writing a Book review
- Blog Tours
- Getting an ARC
- Interviewing

... and many more!

Confessions of a Readaholic is a book blogge and is running for almost five years. The screenwriter of this ebook has been nominated as# 2 ( 2015) and# 1 ( 2017) book blogger in India.
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Published February 1st 2018
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gave it

When I started this book a few years ago, I was at a stage where I wanted to change a lot of stuf about my blog and I knew I 'll find some good advice in here.

gave it

★ ★ ★ 1/2 ( rounded up) This originally appeared at The Irresponsible Reader. --- This is a short " how-to " book for people who want to/have recently started a blog -- Mittal covers the basics from getting started, some basic writing advice, how to grow an audience -- and even a little about monetizing ( for those who want to).

Mittal 's such a book blogger that not only does he make frequent references to books to read, he includes three lists to help bloggers with their writing, thinking and marketing.Yeah, there were a few too many typos/editing mistakes for my liking.

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