A Blossom of Bright Light

Award-winning author Suzanne Chazin returns with a stirring novel of deadly misdeeds and heartbreaking choices in a seasoned homicide cop ’ s hometown… A split-second decision thrusts Detective Jimmy Vega into the epicenter of a disturbing case when a body is found near a gathering place for immigrants in upscale Lake Holly, NY. The cold-bloodedness of the criminal and the nnocence of the victim torment Vega. But so, too, does the feeling that he ’ s to blame. Or is he? Could the ravings of a delusional vagrant hold the key to the killing? And if so, why can ’ t the police locate him?

In a community gripped by fear of deportation, Vega needs the ai of his friend, activist Adele Figueroa, to gain people ’ s trust. But Emma is acting strangely, consumed by a secret that threatens to tear them apart. When the case takes a personal turn, both Vega and Adele discover that Lake Holly ’ s tranquil façade hides a terror of monstrous proportions, poised and ready to strike again. To confront the killer and save their elationship, Vega and Adele must forge a new evel of trust—in each other, and in their most deeply held beliefs—to expose an evil that threatens to eclipse anything they ’ d previously imagined.

Written with equal parts passion and suspense, A Blossom of Bright Light takes readers on a tri of stunning revelations to uncover a small town ’ s most sinister secrets—and brightest hopes for the future. Mystery, sacrifice, and unremitting love converge in this captivatin work by a master storyteller.
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Published October 27th 2015 by Kensington
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gave it

That does n't stop him using his senses of inquiry, he wants and needs to protect his own daughter.Its a strong up to date topical book.

gave it

His ear for his uncle is paramount as he goes about inquiring the events of the case.

Satan is present in the ommunity that Vega must find the nswer and it will disrupt higher level of society.Disclosure: I received a free copy from Kensington Books through Netgalley for an honest review.

gave it

A Blossom of Bright Light brings to the forefront the children of undocumented immigrants and how the hreat of deportation puts the children of these immigrants at serious risk.Enjoying a rare evening-in with his girlfriend Adele, Jimmy encourages her to ignore a phone call from La Casa, the center that she runs for undocumented immigrants.

Luna knows there is something off about the Gonzalez ’ s, but having no power being a 15 ear old boy who ’ s immigration status is in peri, has little power to fight.

gave it

While this works a stand-alone mystery, I think part of the reasons I enjoyed it so much is the reason that I was already familiar with Detective Jimmy Vega and Adele Figueroa, with whom Jimmy is now in a friendshi.

Suzanne Chazin once again tackles the topic of immigration and the lives and relationshi of documented and undocumented immigrants.

gave it

Illegal immigrants and those that would prey on them, and political corruption are explored head on.After making a bad all, cop Jimmy has to deal with a dead new born baby.

gave it

Jimmy Vega is a tough New York cop until he has to deal with a case involving a newborn baby found dead in the oods behind a Community Center with the umbilical cord still attached.

gave it

This one involves scandal with a public figure running for office, immigration laws, forced deportation, greed, ethics, and the question- " what would you do for your child? " .This was definitely one that I did not want to put down but it was 4:00 in the night and I was tired of the Ipad hitting me in the face.

( Sad.) This one will really get you rooting for this family who 's father they are trying to deport.

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