A Body in the Bathhouse

In another classical crime romp, this time in Roman Britain, Falco investigates a spate of killings, only to find himself next on the assassins' list.

Marcus Didius Falco, once a common informer, now middle class, discovers that newly acquired rank brings associated problems, the most shocking of which is a corpse buried under the tiles of his new bath house. The contractors have fled to Britain where, as the Fates have it, Falco is ordered.

A local hief and ally of the Romans is having a palace built by the Emperor Vespasian. However, the project is running late, work is slipshod, and fatal accidents keep happening. Somewhere on the site are the murderers who may be behind this latest spate of killings. Somewhere in the forefront, troubleshooting for the Empres, is Falco, without an ally and now next on the ist for assassination.
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Published February 28th 2009 by Mysterious Press (first published August 28th 2001
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A Body in the Bathhouse
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gave it

But where Falco goes the death follows.

gave it

Like Falco though I really missed Rome in this one.

gave it

not so much ... like Falco, i 'm also tired of the Britain setting ... Even so, i 'm looking forward in reading the next volum of the eries, and reading about Marcus Didius Falco adventures ... .and troubles!

gave it

And its only the eginning of a murder/mystery for our Roman detective.image: It started with a smellBut for Rhea Favonia, we might have lived with it. “ There ’ s a smell!

My little niece would not go near the bathhouse until we proved there was nothing horrible in the caldarium.

Even dumping her on female relations was out; her favorite game lately was breaking vases.image: The new live-in nurse maidHyspale had not approved when Helena Justina abandoned her smart senatorial home to live with an informer.

Unluckily, he did so while Maia was still on board with us.My sister was now straining at the rail, ready to throw herself over like a naiad crazed by too much sun and foam.

Petronius, who could have tried commandeering a boat to chase after us, was just standing there. “ My children!

Petronius and even Maia ’ s children might have conspired too.

Once she had calmed down and started to work this out, then I, her utterly blameless brother, would end up being blamed.image: While investigating the embezzlement at the British king 's building site and the unexplained deaths Falco must still track down the bathhouse builders ( and urders).

Excitement, family life and dangers are all mixed into this cozy murder/mystery.Enjoy!

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