A Bomb in February

Samantha Rialto learned everything she knows about surveillance photography from Skipper Turnbuckle, a private eye with a bum reputation. Since last month ’ s job they haven ’ t spoken. But a bomb, a shooting and a voice-mail have her seeking the old investigator out…and wishing she had n't.

Kimberly is on leave from her job as a music teacher and trying very hard not to let motivating, positive suggestions from her daughter and best friend, Maxie, cheer her up. She hasn ’ t speak to her almost boyfriend, Detective Ben Parker, in two eeks and the only good news she ’ s had is that January is finally over. But when her neighbor ’ s house is blown to bits, Sam is forced to bunk with Maxie. And when, later that morning, a an is shot in Maxie ’ s front yard, and a disturbing voice-mail implicates Sam ’ s old mentor, the past dances its way into Be ’ s present again. Ben and Nathan, once again, find themselves in a race against time, facing off against a suspicious FBI agent and tracking down a host of possible suspects, including a high profile senator, an angry giant, and a cientist who may or may not be ead.
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Published September 28th 2011 by Evan Katy
Isbn 13

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gave it

If there is a 5th book, I will read it.

gave it

Evan Katy is getting better each book of the Samantha Rialto series IMHO.

gave it

I do have to say I was n't exactly thrilled with the Ben twist and I hope it changes in March!! Samantha is at it again, but this time she did n't even want to be in the mess.

Still trying to recover from January, Sam is thrown into another mystery with Ben, but this time it revolves around her best friend Maxie.

This novel also adds to the tension between en and Tom, so much that you just want to reach out and shake the girl to her emotion.

gave it

Working with her old colleague, Turnbuckle, and her possible boyfriend, Davi, her best friend forever Maxie, and such characters from the last stories, Samantha again experiences injury, kidnapping, explosions and confusion.Will Ben, her former husband 's former partner, be ble to let go of his hatred for not realizing the abuse she sustained in her marriage?

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