A Bomb Shelter Romance

For 18-year old Ben O'Neill, being cool is hard to do. Especially during the ummer of 1970. His daughter has volunteered the family to help build, as a eporter has dubbed it, " the last bomb shelter of the cold war. " Gripped with a prepare-for-the-worst mentality, Joan O'Neill is a natural for this project. And during the winte of 1970, her internal alarms of impending danger are ringing. Her oldest son is fighting in Vietnam, her oldest daughter is off waging the sexual revolution, and a secon is living with her socialis boyfriend. Feeling helpless toward the three oldest, Joan O'Neill undertakes the bomb shelter project, hoping that involving her remaining children in a project of protection will somehow shield them from all the dange that seem so imminent. But in a tiny town far away from any militarily strategic target, the bomb shelter becomes an object of derision, and David 's hopes for a summer of romance quickly fade. That is, until Brad Richardson, the blind owner of the local movie theater, joins the bomb shelter crew. It is through rad that Ben meets Suzanne-a girl whose beauty is matched only by her efusal to be embarrassed about working on the bomb shelter. The romance between en and Suzanne progresses amidst the increasingly stormy events of a town suddenly caught up in a cascade of unintended consequences. When their bus breaks down, a group of ollege students on their pat to a political demonstration decide to stay and protest the bomb shelter. This siege of outside agitators turns the cit into a cultur and political battleground, with the bomb shelter at ground zero. And despite all Joan O'Neill 's good intentions, disaster ensues.
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Published April 15th 2008 by Inkwater Press
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A Bomb Shelter Romance
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gave it

Looking back to that memorable time in his life, when his oldest brother is off fighting in the war and his oldest sister has taken off with the “ free love ” fanatical hippies, his overly religious mother has elected to take over the building of the villag ’ s Bomb Shelter after the first contractor ran off with the own ’ s money.Our dear narrator is a carefre, introverted boy of about 17 who desires nothing more then to have a little peace and cal in his life, which is toug to do in such a large family.

True it is a powerful time in his life and major changes and eye opening experiences happen, but as a reader we truly feel very little concern for him or any of the numerous characters since in this little town ( which reminds the reader so much of Mayberry) we always feel that everything will work out fine in the end.Had some of the tragedy saved up for the nd of the tale been sprinkled through the whol of the novel it would have added more drama and excitement to the stor.

gave it

For every eye roll and every disappointed page turn, I felt like a smalle and bigger jerk.

Terry is going for in his book " Bomb Shelter Romance, " a nice slice-of-small-town-life/coming-of-age novel about the summer of 1970 in a rural innesota town.

This ummer, his family has been charged with finishing construction on what is being called " the last bomb shelter. " It is an embarrassing project for the always-embarrassed 18-year-old Ben. Meanwhile, his brother Coli is the nly guy in town in Vietnam, Ben has developed a relationshi with a blind man -- whom he reads romance novels to when he 's not working in the an 's movie theater or helping to plot his love life.

Joshua is recently broken up with Jenny, and has his eyes on Marguerit, who is home from boarding school and living with her socially scandalized mother.

Rather than being about a bomb shelter, this novella is a romance: Ben 's misguided attempts to get neare to uzanne, not noticing that she is trying to get neare to him, too.

Like much of this book, the reader is told too much and not shown enough.

The next two books I read by Jonathon Tropper were like this, shallow and almost-something.

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