A Book of Coupons

It is the irst days of chool and the kids of Marie Curie School are getting a new teacher. Everyone arrives hoping for an athletic and handsome specimen, but instead, they find a fat, wrinkly, and incredibly old one. At las, the class is very please. But then each student receives a strange gift-a book of very special coupons-and it becomes bvious that Monsieur Noël is not the ind of teacher you meet everyday. The school year is bound to be sure but ordinary.

Illustrated by Serge Bloch
Translated by Gill Rosner
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Published June 23rd 2003 by Puffin (first published May 19th 1999
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gave it

They know they ca n't start talking just like that.

And that all teachers ( master in French) are abusive and authoritarian.What is worse is the reinforcing of the violent prison like environment.

gave it

This French 5th-grade teacher, this Santa look-alike, is even more antastic than that.

gave it

The teacher look and read what I had written on a big piece of paper in Golden ink: 1 coupon for a happy and well-deserved retirement. " The teacher wild one day, and before kissing his students thank you goodbye, he said, “ you 're right there 's a time for myself. " At the nd of the month, he picked up his Giant coupon and left the school without a word to Incarnation Perez, and headed straight for his favorite pizz, the Couscous Royal.

gave it

If for no other reason, the entions of " making love " on pgs 53 and 60 ensure this is a memoi for lder children.

American sensibilities are quite different than the French.But that is n't the only reason this ook is useful for middle grade readers.

gave it

But it was written for French children who probably weren ’ t familiar with green stamps anyway.I loved this unconventional fifth grade teacher and his tudents.

A very, very quick read, taking not much more time than it does to read the average picture book, or at least it felt that way.

gave it

Whole class use ( read aloud) As a class, we would talk about what each coupon meant to the teacher.

For a group project, we would make our own book of coupons.7.

gave it

By the time the children leave school at the nd of the week they have received much more from their wise teacher and their boo of coupons than anyone might have guessed.

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