A Book of Five Rings: The Classic Guide to Strategy

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Published May 28th 1988 by Gramercy (first published 1645
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Choyaku gorin no sho
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gave it

The autobiograph is full of lines such as " research this well, " " study this thoroughly, " " I can not elaborate on this in writing " and I 'm not sure how these are supposed to evoke any insight in me into anything.

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He is simply putting down his concept of Strategy.

Perhaps the moral onus is on the reader of the ook? Students of Zen would do well to read the essay, particularly the final Ring- entitled The Void.

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While it is not as in depth as Sun Tzu 's The Art of War, he certainly added to my knowledg.

Do nothing which is of no useAs a set of core principles, these are not a ad way to lead one 's life.

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I did not even know I had this book.

It is divided into five “ rings ” ( earth, water, fire, wind, void) that describe strategies and principles of martial arts, with a touch of philosophy that kept me interested.

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You must be ble to discern this. " " Develop a steady spirit. " " The gaze should be large and broad.

In strategy it is vita to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things. " " Generally, I dislike fixedness in both long swords and hands.

You must bear this in mind. " " Alternatively, advance with as strong a spirit as possible, and when you reach the enemy move with your feet a little faste than normal, unsettling him and overwhelming him sharply. " “ Before you embark upon something- before you start- fix your intention on the 4 Oaths, and put selfishness behind you, and you can not fail. ” The 4 Oaths:1.

Get beyond love and forgivenes; exist for the good of man.There are 4 ways in which men pass through life: 1.

right knee “ The 9 Principles of The Way ” ( " It is crucial to start by setting these broad principles in your heart, and train in the ay of Strategy.

If you do not look at things on a hug scale it will be impossible for you to master strategy. ") 1.

Do nothing which is of no use. " In strategy your spiritual bearing must not be any different from normal.

Do not let your spirit be influenced by your body, or your body be influenced by your spirit.

With your spirit open and unconstricted, look at everythin from a high point of iew.

Polish your wisdom: learn public justice, distinguish between good and evil, study the Ways of different arts one by one.

When you can not be deceived by men you will have realized the wisdom of strategy. "

gave it

So, I have expectation there was some modern interpretation in business management based on Miyamoto Musashi 's teachings.Then I found the nove 's content was basically translations of ancient text, without much interpretations into modern management style.

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