A Book of Simple Living

‘ This much I can tell you, ’ writes Ruskin Bond in his introduction to this journal, ‘ for all its hardships and complications, life is simple. ’ Drawing upon a lifetime ’ s xperience in the ills and small owns of north India, he records the many small moments that constitute a life of harmony—with the self, the natural world, and riends, family and passersby. In these pages, we watch a wild plum blossom and the moon come up between two deodar trees; we hear a redstart whistle and the rain drum on a tin roof; we recognize the ache of losing love and the consolation of old companions.

A Memoir of Simple Living is a gift of beauty and wisdom from India ’ s most loved, and most compellin, writer.
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Published February 2015 by Speaking Tiger
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A Book of Simple Living
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gave it

Ruskin lets us into his life with simple and beautiful insights, where it 's the little way that are magical.

gave it

It always makes me happy to read Mr.Bond.

This book not only transfers one to magical world but also has some precious lessons for life.

They contribute more to our general happiness and health than acts of passion and high excitement. " " The pleasure of travel is in journey and not so much in reaching one 's destination. " " Love your art, poor as it may be, which you have learned, and be content with it; and pass through the est of life like one who has entrusted to the gods with his whole soul and all that he has, making yourself neither the tyrant nor the slave of any an. " -Marcus Aurelius " Do what you know best, and do it well.

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'and when all the wars are over, a butterfly will still be beautiful. 'Notes to self after reading Ruskin Bond.1.Stick to what is your truth of observation, irrespective of a grand audience.2.Keep it simple.

Pay attention to bugs on flower tips.6.Love quietly under the quilt of moonless nights.7.Hear the sound of rain falling on various things.

Read more.Have a bed in a library instead of a bookshelf in a bedroom.12.Love.

gave it

Ruskin Bond is known for his narration that vividly paints a picture straight out of the mountain.

'And what is your philosophy?' I asked my sabzi-wala. 'You have asked me this before, sir' he said, as he chose a bunch of fresh greens for me. 'Yes, but what is your philosophy today? ''The same as it was yesterday.

gave it

After this ritual of superficial admiration is complete, read this ook.

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