A Book of Sleep

When the sky grows darkand the moon glows bright, everyone goes to sleep.. .except for the watchful owl! With a spare, soothing text and beautifully rich and textured illustrations of a starry night, this is the perfect " book of sleep. " Join the owl on his moonlit journey as he watches all the other animals settle in for the night: some sleep standing up, while some sleep on the move! Some sleep peacefully alone, while others sleep all together, huddled close.Il Sung Na makes his American debut with this gorgeous bedtime offering. While each animal rests in its own special way, little ones will also drift off to a cozy sleep.
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Published September 8th 2009 by Alfred A. Knopf (first published 2007
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Zzzzz: A Book of Sleep
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gave it

Check out more picture book [email protected] Perspective of a riter ... Owl does n't get to sleep like the other animals do when night falls.

Finally when everyone else is waking up lonely owl is going to sleep.Oh my gosh this book!

I picked it up because of the cover art and I 've read some other Asian author picture books and they were excellent so I HAD to check this one out too ... AND IT DID NOT DISAPPOINT!!

My daughter had trouble picking which spread to drawn but finally settled on the horses who sleep standing up!

We giggled as we read through it, it was hilarious and I think with repeat exposure would help him understand about sleep.

gave it

Originally published in Britain as Zzzzz: A Memoir of Sleep, this lovely bedtime tale from Il Sung Na follows a " watchful owl " as he observes the many ifferent thing in which his fellow creatures like to sleep.

gave it

Il Sung Na is an illustrator like no other, and the tory is very sweet too.

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