A Box Of Chocolates

I love hocolates,
especially the dark ones.
Every now and then, I like to take one
to indulge myself, and it helps to recharge
my energy to save the day.
It always amazes me, that those sweet
little things can really bring
such a significant impact.
This " nox of chocolates " consists of reflections and thoughts on parenting that you can " nibble on " amid your busy days.
It is an honor to present this book to you and I hope you will enjoy reading it.
May this book be the sweet little refreshment that will indulge your spirit and soul.
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Published (first published June 27th 2010
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A Box Of Chocolates

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gave it

I was n't really interested to read it, because it 's actually a book for parenting.

It is truly about the art of parenting; but amazingly, i perceived the messages differently; it is about leadership.Reading this book also reminded me of my late Mom, who passed when i was 13 years old ( mmm ...

Helen also brought the ideas of becoming a confidante to her hildren, instead of becoming someone with 'authorities' who should n't be argued even when she 's wrong.

I was thinking that reading this novel for me is actually the best time, since i know that i have to be ready leader one day.

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