A Boy and A Bear in a Boat

A gir and a bear go to sea, equipped with a uitcase, a comic ook, and a kulele. The bear assures the boy that they are traveling a short distance and it really should n't take very long. But then they encounter " unforeseeable anomalies ": turbulent stormy seas! a terrifying sea monster! and the rank remains of The Very Last Sandwich. The odds are pitted against the boy and the bear and their boat.

Will the Harriet, their trusted vessel, withstand the violent lashings of the salty waves? And will anyone ever answer their message in a bottle?

From the Eboo edition.
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Published June 12th 2012 by David Fickling Books
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A Boy and a Bear in a Boat
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gave it

It felt much like a text you 'd be required to read for a college philosophy class, not like a novel aimed at middle schoolers ...

gave it

A gir on his own seeks to cross a body of water from a bear in a mall boat.

I thought it would be a quick, entertaining, and light read that I would be unwillin to recommend to reluctant middle-grade readers.

gave it

The oy, for reasons left entirely unexplained, asks the Bear to row him across an unnamed body of water, to a destination identified only as " the other side. " Their attempts to reach that other side constitute the entirety of the book.The journey drags on for ays and days.

For huge swathes of the memoir, somethin is happening at all; the Bear rows, and the Boy attempts to find some way in which to occupy himself.There is a omic ook in the boat, left there by a previous passenger.

I compare it to something like Anne Ursu 's book Breadcrumbs, which also leaves any number of things unexplained, but does so because they 're things the protagonist has no way to know.

Some of the guys in A Boy and A Bear in a Boat could fit into this category, such as the parts with the abandoned ship, but it 's ard to figure a reason the Boy 's journey remains so obscure other than trying to be too artsy.

gave it

Of all the Carnegie shortlisted books, A Gir and A Bear in a Boat is the one aimed at the youngest audience.

As young an audience as this is aimed at, it is arguably the most philosophical and unpretentiously wise of the book on this year ’ s shortlist.No, I haven ’ t gone off my rocker I assure you.

In wilfully jettisoning plotting conventions, yet weaving a compelling tale all the same, this book succeeds in having a strong head and a sturdy heart.

gave it

A boy approaches a bear in a boat and asks how long it will take to get " just to the other side ".

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