A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World

When a beloved family dog is stolen, her owner sets out on a life-changing journey through the ruins of our world to bring her back in this fiercely compelling tale of survival, ourage, and ope.

My name 's Griz. My childhood was n't like yours. I 've never had friends, and in my entir life I 've not met enough people to play a game of basketbal.

My parents told me how crowded the world used to be, but we were never lonely on our remote island. We had each other, and our dogs.

Then the thief came.

There may be no law left except what you make of it. But if you steal my dog, you can at least expect me to come after you.

Because if we are n't loyal to the things we love, what 's the point?
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Published April 23rd 2019 by Orbit
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A Boy and his Dog at the End of the World
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gave it

NOTHING WILL HAPPEN??? *************************************THIS IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN*************************************Ends happen fast, and often arrive before you ’ ve been warned they ’ ve coming.i ’ ll write a general review first, for the booknerds, and then i want to say a few words about SEEEKRITS which will not be the giving away of seeekrits, but muc of a slurry of thoughts about ‘ em, which may or may not be interesting or useful or even a smart use of my time.

those who have managed to survive see few, if any, humans outside of their immediate family over their lifetimes, knowing only what that family knows about the larger world.this is certainly the case for griz ’ s family: teenage griz, siblings ferg and bar, their children and their two dogs jip and jess.

it ’ s a good contribution to the post-apoc genre, and i love that griz is a total booknerd whose favorite thing to read is…books about apocalypses and dystopias; because it ’ s always interesting to see what the Before thought the After would be like, and i love how many aftermath books survived the aftermath for griz to read.

but me personally- you steal my dog, apocalypse or not, you best run fast and far ‘ cuz i will fight back.it ’ s not a very ong ook, but there ’ s a lot packed into it- backstory, currentstory, coming-of-age musings, action sequences and even OLVES!

the pacing is also really fast even when there aren ’ t action sequences, because this is one of those publication that likes to hint forward- i thing i know i have lambasted before ( The Known World& etc), but this ook does it well, and it makes you want to keep turning the ages to find out what those hints are foreshadowing.

i am being cagey here, because i was so ordered, but yeah- i do n't know why the THING was a HING, but i do know that no one should ever announce that there will be a THING if they want people to be surprised by a THING.* i ’ m using films because there ’ s a larger body of commonly-known twists to work with.

gave it

🌟 I always try to stay positive whenever I read a novel and focus on things that I liked, my rants reviews are usually saved for books that made me ngry and this does not apply here.

I think it is one of those ases where the writer has his own writing style and not like other typical styles in most books.🌟 I am a big fan of well written characters and I can not say that the characters here were not well written, the problem was just that there are many people who lives in the world and fewer that we get to meet in the memoi, this made it something of bland and the best parts in my opinion were those involving secondary characters and their interactio with the MC.🌟 I think there is a adness to post apocalyptic stories and that ’ s why I don ’ t read much of those.

I can recommend this for fans of the post apocalyptic genre and if you are a dog person then that surely will enrich your experience reading this one! You can get more books from Book Depository

gave it

Vying for resources in a world without electrical power and invention has left humans scattered and reinventing farming and tools to live.

Griz lives with his children and his two siblings Ferg and Bar, and his two dogs Jip and Jess on the tin island named Mingualay ( formerly Scotland) off the Atlantic coast.

The next night, the family is sick and vomiting and Griz sees that Brand has taken off with one of his do, Jess.

This is where Brand ’ s true colors show and after an altercation, Griz finds himself and Jip on an island with a burned down boat and no way to go back home.

Not until he finds Brand ’ s home and rescues his dog, ess.

What lies ahead is an arduous long journey through a world left behind after a disaster; a wildly overgrown landscape with wild and dangerous creature.

Imprisoned, Griz writes about his travels and makes his final entry in his notebook.

A blend of adventure, good spirit, hope and endurance with bursts of action and fast-paced plot are balanced by hardship, endurance, turmoil, despair and long passages filled with descriptive landscape portraits and the reflection of time passing by slow.

The loss of his dog Jess was a driving force for Griz ’ s adventure and Jip played a part along in his ravels, but it wasn ’ t a plot centered on a dog, as I had suspected.

A oy and His Dog at the Beginnin of the World

A Gir and His Dog at the nd of the World

gave it

I do not think receiving the book for free affected my reaction to it.I think all my readers know that I love animals.

No, I 'm not going to say what those moments were because if you do n't see them and are n't bothered by them, then no one should poke a hole in your enjoyment of the story.Recommended for anyone who enjoys a good 'end of the world as we know it' tale.

gave it

Fuck us. ’ ~A Boy and His Dog at the nd of the World by C.A Fletcher was a nove that really caught my eye by its title alone.

I love ooks that have a coming of age storie, heartwarming animal friendships, and I also love a lonely setting, so this quickly became a must read.

After delving into merely a few pages, I knew I was in love.🐕Griz, our main heroin, lived on an island with his wife, son, his sister Bar, his brother Ferg, and his two cat, Jip and Jess.

The author specifically asks at the earl of the ovel to not reveal any of the ooks ‘ secrets ’ therefore I ’ m not going to tell you mor about the plot other than we follow our main protagonist Griz as he goes on a mission to rescue his dog.

This short read packed in a lot of events, and I loved how it had me gripped right until the very last page.🐕The book is set in a post apocalyptic world where the human race has dwindled to almost extinction.

gave it

But that doesn ’ t mean that evil left this world when the Gelding occurred.Griz, a tomboy, and what is left of his family live on a mall island, Mingulay, off the oast of Scotland, with their two dogs Jip and Jess.

In the afternoon, Jess is gone, along with the traveler and his ship, and Griz doesn ’ t take a moment to consider the wisdom of going after this man.

He ’ s stolen his dog, and Griz and Jip must rescue Jess.

Meeting a young woman along the pat, they are willing to find some joy in discovering a house left with some books, and records, and respite from the elements, and a friendship evolves.Still, eventually Griz and Jip must move on and find Jac, and the further they roam, the stranger the surroundings become and the more danger seems to loom.

gave it

No-one really knows what caused the Gelding, but people stopped having children, well all but 0.0001 percent of people did.The family rarely see any other people, so when a stranger called Brand sails up to their island they invite him in and listen to his tories of what the world is like.

This is the storie of what Griz learns about the world, the past and himself whilst trying to get his dog back.A Boy and his Dog at the nd of the World is a post-apocalyptic novel following Griz as he tries to rescue his dog Jess from a tranger who has stolen him.

The way the world has come to have such few people is nothing new in the post-apocalyptic novel world, in fact, I read a book early this year which used infertility as to how the world was coming to an end, and Dan Brown used it in one of his books too.The book is told from Griz ’ s point of view as he looks back over what happened to him and what he learned on his adventure trying to get his dog back.

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