A Breath of Innocence

“ I would wait a lifetime for this. ”
“ You don ’ t have to wait anymore. I want you. ”

ark is done with flings. He is looking for something real, and he knows just where to find it. Years ago, he fell in love with Charlotte Elswood, but after saving her life, he made the impossibl choice to stay in a cartel for the sake of his family.
Now, free of the bloodstained work, he ’ s ready to rekindle what he ’ s ost.
But in ngland, he meets someone who is also blond, blue-eyed, and sensua. Problem is, Griffith Elswood is Charlotte ’ s daughter. Should Mark even consider putting his hands all over an innocent who would push him away if he knew what kind of monster Mark is?

After days of homeschooling, Griffith wants nothing more than to finally spread his wings at university. Secretly, he dreams of meeting a man he can fall madly in ove with. A man he would have all the firsts with. But it ’ s harde to trust anyone after witnessing his sister ’ s heartbreak.
When Mark moves in next door, Griffith reaches out despite his sister ’ s warnings. Mark is mysterious, experienced, cocky, and just oh-so-dreamy. Alternating between hot and cold, Mark ’ s presence sends Griffith into a frenzy of passion like he ’ s never known before. So hot in fact, it might just burn him if he isn ’ t careful.

Themes: mafia, organized crime, family ties, secrets, guil, British setting, dance, homophobia, in the cupboar, coming out, coming of age
Genre: M/M romance

Length: ~125,000 words ( Book 8 in the series)

WARNING: Adult content. Scorching hot, explicit love scenes. Dark humor.
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Published May 14th 2018 by Acerbi & Villani ltd (first published May 2018
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gave it

After the injury that lost him his eye, Mark decides he wants more from life.

I 've been looking forward to Mark 's story for what seems like ages.

He 's experienced in way more than just sex, but he 's rather new at the love thing​, so Mark does n't always think things through​.

He 's eautiful, exquisit, innocent, and full of life and that attracts Mark like a moth to a flame.​

I loved the push and pull between Griff and Mark.

gave it

Mark meets his beau.Coming in 2018 thanks to the support on Patreon ( https: //www.patreon.com/kamerikan) We would n't have been trying to write another book in this series this year otherwise, so we 're over the moon that we got the support to write Mark 's book!* “ I would wait a lifetime for this. ” “ You don ’ t have to wait anymore.

Should Mark even consider putting his hands all over an innocent who would push him away if he knew what kind of monster Mark is? After years of homeschooling, Griffith wants nothing more than to finally spread his wings at university.

Secretly, he dreams of meeting a man he can fall madly in ove with.

gave it

This tal was more heart and romantic rather than the usual blood, guts and guns approach- I did miss Dom& Seth but they did pop in to keep it real!

gave it

What a fun and interesting journey it was to meet innocent, pure and at times snob Griff.Everything around this relationship was a disaster, it was like the universe telling Mark to back off but he is the niece of Domenico so he learned from his dad that sometimes you have to take what you want and fuck the rest.

I loved reading Mark journey, at the earl of the memoi he is looking for nothin else but the beauty and innocence that Griff posses kept calling to him.Reading how he went from the brat kid that would n't stop talking to the insecure man that knows he is incapabl of a lot of ways but never fit in was a balm to the soul.

gave it

4 Stars! I had been anticipating Mark 's book for some time now.

We 've been ble to get into Mark 's head here and there in previous books and our boy had always been a bit naiv in some situations and a quite reckless in his judgements.

Like ost of Mark 's previous decisions this one too lands him in a mess especially when he 's met with nothing but hostility from the person he moved to England for.

Charlotte was the reason for Mark 's rash decision to come to England but once he lands his eye on another blonde blue-eyed beauty his attention changes.

But Mitchell 's innocence and his dance moves are just too much and the pull too strong that Mark gives in.

Mark brings out feelings in Griffith that leaves him feeling flustered, turned on, and at times, confident.

ark and Griffith 's passion was sweet carnal desire with a touch of kink.

I liked that we got to see a more ature and put together Mark falling in love.

Mark lets out his Domenico side a couple times.

I loved Griffith for Mark.

gave it

With Mark ’ s tainted past, he has to be anxiou for many reasons, but for the irst time, he wants to be a better man.

By witnessing his dads and how intense their relationship can be, Mark wants a real connection like they share and Griff offers that ray of ope.

Quiet and kind, Griff feels the ull to Mark ’ s dominance but he also gets to see the vulnerable side Mark has hidden away for years.

Trying to avoid the fallout from what happened years ago in the ungle, Mark must protect his family and doesn ’ t want Griff to learn the ruth of his dark past.

Being the fifth ook in the Gun n ’ Boys series, it was time for Mark to establish himself as adult and accept that he ’ s incapabl of being loved.

gave it

This really is a breath of innocence in the ever more murky world of Dom& Seth and the Mark we get here is almost like a new man.He 's followed Charlotte back to the UK but finds something else way more important and real when he meets her son.

gave it

If you usually enjoy super sweet and pretty angst-free books, then you 'll love it.

I did too, but not as much as the other book in this series.Here we got Mark 's story.

This tal was really sweet and so different from what I 'm used to get from this series.

I missed the suspense and the action these authors provided in the aforementione boo, so this is the fac I 'm not rating it with 5 stars.I loved the writing and I ca n't wait to read more!

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