A Breath of Life

A mystical dialogue between a male author ( a thinly disguised Clarice Lispector) and his/her creation, a oman named Olivia, this posthumous work has never before been translated. Lispector did not even live to see it published.

At her death, a mountain of fragments remained to be “ structured ” by Olga Borelli. These fragments form a dialogue between a god-like author who infuses the breath of life into his creation: the speaking, breathing, dying creation herself, Angela Pralini. The work ’ s almost occult appeal arises from the emotion that if Angela dies, Clarice will have to die as well. And she did.
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Published June 13th 2012 by New Directions (first published 1978
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Um sopro de vida (Pulsações)
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gave it

Long live the dead because we live in them. ” I loved the above section from this write ’ s book.Clarice Lispector began this book in 1974 and finished it in 1977, on the eve of her death.

Where would we be without it? I began this book and first of all I was confused with the novelis ’ s principles, illogical musings and writing style, and then I gradually fell into the way that her thought processes worked.

I must confess that I have never, in my life, been so entranced with the metaphysical thoughts of an individual such as Clarice.

Some have a quick ending ( which is merciful – I think that it ’ s best, personally, to be shot – quick and to the point if the right place is shot, of course) and others linger, which is sad for the individual involved but even sadder for the loved ones who have to cope and live with this ever increasing nightmare.Now as for Clarice, did she cope?

When Clarice began this book, she took the pragmatic approach and invented a kind of alter ego, an unnamed man.

It is for you to find out in this remarkable mental and thought-provoking odyssey of survival, life and death.Mixed into the fabric are thoughts of belief in God but there are also contradictory beliefs that cause one to truly reflect; as I did myself.

In fact the moment I finished this nove I began to wonder about life generally.

I really don ’ t know, quite frankly.And was Angela killed off? If you are into numbers, colours, suspense with thought and ideas about this universe of yours, you will be surprised with this magnificent book.

gave it

originally published the year after she died, a breath of life ( sopro de vida) finds the brazilian writer revisiting the familiar milieu of existential musings, meditative reveries, and contemplations on the nature of mortality common throughout her works.

gave it

It also felt quite Catholic to me, and I have no idea whether Lispector was Catholic or not.

At that time for me the visit was real and my faith in this version of God helped me to abstain from the drugs that were destroying my body.

This first nove of Clarice Lispector read hollow to me.

gave it

Clarice Lispector may well have been a genius – indeed I think it likely given both her reputation in Latin America and the eactions of readers I respect here on Goodreads – but so far, over four books, my experience has been one of, mostly, not feeling up to the task of reading her, I suspect because I lack the necessary trust to follow her on her seemingly mapless flights.

Usually if I don ’ t like something I at least know why.

In Lispector ’ s case I don ’ t even know if I like her.

Maybe I just don ’ t know how to hear it, how to let go.

gave it

There will be a wee in which there will be a week, in which there will be a yea in which there will be a day in which there will be an hour in which there will be a minute in which there will be a econd and in that second will be the sacred not-time of death transfigured.I read what I 'd written and thought once again: from what violent chasms is my most intimate intimacy nourished, why does it deny itself so much and flee to the domain of ideas?

Angela extrapolates like any in this world towards the knowing Author in the one solid hierarchy allotted to them, leaving sinusoidal peace intact.

However, if the uthor is God, he does n't know it.

Anything more, nothing less, in these days where I need not fear the burning.And so the name of the game is, as always, writing.

The Author writes a character named Angela Pralini and they break upon each other as so much shining grace and a mouth full of blood.

You could try, but know one thing: I read and write with the knowing that the next word will save my life.

gave it

Lispector writes in a way that creates for the reader this experience.

The existential battle, life 's battle itself, unfolds in a nove she is writing and her struggles and arguments with her main protagonis, Kate.

she wants to reconcile or reach what she has sought through life through her writing and thinking, that clearer impact with reality, unfettered by culture, family, inner turmoi, religions, hilosophies, external beliefs grasped tight in the frailties of existence.

what better way to proceed than to write a ook.

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