A Breath of Witchy Air

Hemlock Cove is mired in a cold snap, which means the town is calm and gentl. That all changes in an instant when a beer truck tips over on the freeway and half the town shows up to get drunk.
Bay Winchester is about to be the sole owner of the town newspaper so she heads out to take photos … and accidentally stumbles over several bodies. It seems there ’ s a serial killer on the loose, although no one can figure out if the dump site was convenient or if the iller is local.
Some hard digging leads Bay to a local school, where the nly hing that stands out is a cell phone game that seems to be taking over the populace. Bay can ’ t shake the sens that there ’ s something off about the ame, but that pales in comparison to the dead girls and the motive behind multiple killings.
Things spiral out of control when the game developers pick Hemlock Cove for a big event, which means the town is suddenly flooded with gamers … including Aunt Tillie, who decides that winning really is the most crucia thing.
Thin are about to get wicked for the Winchesters. There ’ s a killer in their midst and Bay appears to be displaying a new power that no one saw coming.
It ’ s only a matter of time until two powerful forces collide. Who comes out standing is anybody ’ s guess but Bay ’ s new power will be on full display … and may be the ultimate factor in her survival.
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Published April 29th 2018 by WinchesterShaw Publications
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A Breath of Witchy Air (A Wicked Witches of the Midwest Mystery)
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gave it

But, when a freak accident happens where Bay ends up finding some bodies things start to go south quickly.

gave it

When a similar game to the one in this book came out and my brother was playing it, I had many discussions with him about the very topics in this tal.

gave it

Caroline Lee brings her humor and snark as well as all the schmaltz we love to see to this thrilling and entertaining read ...

gave it

Bay stumbles over the first body while shooting pictures of town residents getting drunk from a beer truck accident on the ighway.

gave it

In fact it does n't even sound like something the writer would say.

But the tone started to change halfway to the novel and it started to sound more like the author.

gave it

Bay has a weird experience with the hosts of the recently murdered girls, even weirder than usual for her that is.

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