A Bride for His Convenience

A bride to save his name...

Unless he finds a wealthy wife—and soon—Lord Ian Sutcombe will lose everything. Left deeply in debt by his foolish father and greedy stepmother, his only hope is to marry for money.

Stung by a suitor 's cruel betrayal, Hannah Leeds, daughter of a prosperous merchant, was n't sure she 'd ever love again. So when her father arranges her betrothal to the handsome lord, she agrees.

It was no les than a marriage of convenience. They would honor and obey, but never ove... until a simmering passion exploded into a sizzling affair. Now, with Hannah socializing with members of the ton and another man out to win her heart, Ian will do verything in his power to show Hannah she is his ecstasy, his desire fulfilled... and oh so much ore than a bride for his convenience.
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Published November 25th 2008 by Avon
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A Bride for His Convenience
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gave it

Very confusin, with numerous unnecessary, convoluted, plot devices, like the stalking past suitor.

And I 'm not sure I actually even liked him.

gave it

Olivia is on the rebound, however, having recently been dumped by the young woma she thought had loved her, and Andrew is too preoccupied with his own umiliation at what he sees as being bought and paid for to pay mor attention to the claims that his new boyfrien is overly subdued.The best thing about this book could also be regarded as its biggest downfall.

She is also unsure of Ian, who is so inscrutable that she despairs of ever coming to know him or being able to have a companionable relationship with him.The book proceeds along these lines until around the 75% mark, which is when the silly misunderstandings begin, and the author injects a bit of elodrama with the introduction of Ian ’ s wicked step-mama, who really IS evil, and brings back Hannah ’ s youthful love just to throw a spanner in the works.

gave it

It ’ s the story about their misgivings against marrying a stranger, and forming a elationship of understanding and trust after their arriage.

gave it

It would n't be an onerous task when he did. " Oh, that 's big of you Ian. After the marriage he feels free as a bird, looking forward to dumping his wife in the country while he enjoys London, but you 'd never know it from how he treats her.

I liked Amanda, who accepts Ian not for his title but because she was cruelly dumped and does n't want to give up on having a wif and a family.

gave it

Sick brother who Deus Ex Machina 's up the ending?

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