A Bride's Story, Vol. 3

Acclaimed creator Kaoru Mori 's tale of life on the nineteenth-century Silk Road continues, this time introducing a new would-be bride -- Talas. A young stepmother, Talas opens her home to the researcher Mr. Smith, who has ventured to her villag to continue his studies. However, when Talas 's uncle begins to see James as an impediment to his pla to wed his son to Talas, the old woma 's schemes land the Englishman in prison! Far from friends and even farther from home, Smith 's outlook seems grim ...
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Published March 2012 by Orbit/Yen Press (first published June 15th 2011
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乙嫁語り 3
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gave it

Unfortunately, we do n't get to know Talas quite as well as we had Amir, and I get the notio that her story is well and truly over.

gave it

On the pat he meets Talas, a young mothe with an intriguing and very sad history.

Talas is another intriguin character, though not as well developed as Amir, and her situation is very simila as she has no man to " protect " her.

gave it

This volume is a bit of a side story, following the journey of Mr Smith, an English researcher studying the ways of the eople living along the Silk Road in the twentieth century.

gave it

Historical manga, romance, volume 3, with a new bride introduced, and they are all young, married at 12-13, but the one introduced in this volume is a young wife, Talas, who opens her home to the British researcher Mr. Smith, who gets in the middle of negotiations for a room for Talas… on the Silk Road..

gave it

And then to stay with her mother-in-law to take care of her instead of going back home to her family and get married again.

Mother-in-law is n't the youngest and she is worried that Talas would end up all alone in this place in the middle of nowhere that the two of them live at.

And I was definitely rooting for Talas and Mr. Smith to end up together.

He did n't immediately say yes when things go to a specific point, instead he wanted to make somethin that Talas was definitely OK with everything.

Talas is a sweet woman, she is reluctan, he has permission from the family.

We also see Mr. Smith gets in a bit of a ickle with people who apparently do n't get the idea of researchers travelling around and writing things down because they think it is all interesting.

Like the food parts ( making me long for those foreign foods), but also the scene in which Talas unwraps all her tuff from around her head and we finally see her head/hair/face and then she proceeds to stand in the wind and it made her hair twirls around her.

I ca n't wait.All in all, I could probably talk a bit longer about this novel, but I feel I have said what I wanted, and I just ca n't wait for the ext olume.

Mr. mith has a long tri ahead of him and I ca n't wait to see who and what he will encounter on his way.

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