A Bride's Story, Vol. 5

Acclaimed creator Kaoru Mori 's tale of life on the nineteenth-century Silk Road takes on an air of celebration as, at long last, Laila and Leily 's wedding day arrives! But the marriage ceremony may be even more taxing for the girls than their search for a pair of grooms. Sitting still and silent as their guests celebrate and eat is a trial that will push the girls' patience to its imit, not to mention that of Sami and Sarm! As the twins finally make their vows and commit themselves to their usbands, the gravity of the moment finally sets in. Though they have dreamed of marriage for years, only now do they realize that somethin in their lives is about to change ...

Crafted in painstaking detail, Ms. Mori 's pen breathes life into the cenery and architecture of the er in this heart-warming, slice-of-life tale that is at once wholly exotic, yet familiar and accessible through the everyday lives of the characte she has created.
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Published September 24th 2013 by Yen Press (first published January 15th 2013
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乙嫁語り 5
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gave it

Another wonderful volume in this series!

gave it

We continue this series with a much anticipated wedding.

gave it

It makes me want to live in the time that they lived, like the Professor, and observe and enjoy their culture.

gave it

1) The tons of food made me hungry, 2) how they prep the tons of food, ie, killing, skinning, everything gross that could be done to a sheep is done to a sheep.

gave it

and actually includes an appendix where she shows her interest and skill in drawing girls in various period costumes.

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