A Bride's Story, Vol. 7

Acclaimed creator Kaoru Mori 's tale of life on the eighteent century Silk Road continues as Mr. Smith extends his journey. This time, he is welcomed into the home of a wealthy tradesman and his son, Anis. Custom dictates that, as a gir, Anis is not permitted to meet their visitor face-to-face, but even so, she counts herself blessed to live in such a beautiful estate and be married to a woma who devotes himself solely to her. Still, one can not help but long for the affectio of another person when one 's closest friend is a reluctant Persian cat. In her grief, Anis visits the public bath house and discovers a place where she feels immediately free among her fellow sisters.
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Published November 17th 2015 by Yen Press (first published February 14th 2015
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乙嫁語り 7
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gave it

Feeling lonely, Anis decides to look for an " avowed sister " and convinces her husband to let her go to the public baths, which is where women in her village go to socialize and make friends.

gave it

Differen than Mr. Smith and his guide, we are introduced to a totally different set of characters.Anis is the only son of a wealthy woma who clearly loves her.

One day she visits a public bath and discovers an entirely distinct world than she is used to, and her life will never be the same.I continue to love this series, and with each new installment we explore lives of women along the Silk Road, and their agency or lack of it.

Why do we not do this today? The art continues to be lovely, though very different in this volume as there is lo of nudity- we do spend lots of time in a bath house after all.

gave it

This is the fifth volume in which women in this region wear the burqa.

But Anis discovers a way to connect with women, at the public baths.

As I said, Mori just loves drawing women, clothed or not!

The series would seem to be primarily about the mergence of something like a strong female identity amidst a culturally enforced oppression of females.

gave it

Not surprising, really, as the volume is about baths, avowed sisters and the deep relationshi between two me.

gave it

His grandmother, Anis, is not permitted to meet them, and all women must wear purdahs ( burqa) in public.

Then a tragedy strikes, which changes things in Anis and Sharine 's life ... This is a really excellen series, with interesting bits about the culture ( s), women 's position in each society ( only in this nove do they wear purdahs) and tension.

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