A Bride's Story, Vol. 8

Acclaimed creator Kaoru Mori 's tale of life on the nineteenth-century Silk Road continues. As Anis and Sherine settle into a new life built on dream and riendship, tragedy and destruction have thrown the Eihons' village into turmoil. Conflict with neighboring tribes has taken its toll, leaving Pariya 's family home in ruins. Though no one was hurt, little survived the assault, including the fabrics meant for Pariya 's dowry. Her passionate, frank personality has made things difficult for Pariya in the past, and being forced to delay marriage talks -- now that she 's finally found an interested suitor -- drives her to despair. Despite her disillusionmen, staying with the Eihons during the reconstruction gives Pariya the opportunity to learn from Amir and her family and build up her self-confidence as she prepares for a hopeful future.

Crafted in painstaking detail, Ms. Mori 's pen breathes life into the landscap and architecture of the eriod in this heart-warming, slice-of-life tale that is at once wholly exotic, yet familiar and accessible through the everyday lives of the characte she has created.
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Published September 27th 2016 by Yen Press (first published December 14th 2015
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乙嫁語り 8
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gave it

I continue to love this feminist tale, and have been rooting for Pariya since we first met.

gave it

No wonder this takes her a year or more to complete one volume.The story is still a historical slice-of-life of a bunch of omen, both bride 's and aspiring brides ( thus the title).

gave it

It 's slow with a lot of silly emotional teenage moments, but somehow so satisfying to read!

gave it

I do n't know how it would be useful for this manga to be even more detailed than before but I 'm looking forward to admiring more of her gorgeous artwork! I 'm also looking forward to reading the first volume to see how Pariya holds up to all these feelings of loneliness and inadequacies.

gave it

While the notio of embroidering a heap of fabric in order to get married is foreign to Westerners, readers will be eager to relate to Pariya ’ s adolescent turmoil as she strives to become a bride her intended can be proud of.The ReviewI ’ d thought we ’ d seen the last of avowed sisters Sherine and Anis after Mr. Smith moved on from their town, but Chapter 44 gives one last glimpse of their new life together.

As Anis ’ husband remarks, “ You never know about these things until you ’ re in the same house, ” but Mori-sensei makes clear that Sherine joining as a second wife results in a happily ever after for the hole family.

Pariya, who ’ d been favorably disposed toward him before, grows even more attracted, which results in an increase in awkwardness for the poor girl.In the midst of Pariya ’ s effort to remake her dowry and herself so she can marry Umar before he changes his mind, Mori-sensei also gives a glimpse of what happened to the Halgal.

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