A Bridge Between Two Worlds

In Heatherfield, agents are investigating Elyon 's disappearance, and the Guardians fear that their identities will be revealed. An urgent cry for help from Elyon sends the Guardians of the Veil back across the Veil to Meridian. There, they find the young girl struggling to bridge the ap between her past life and her new role in Meridian. Elyon has made a startling discovery about her mothe that could ruin her hances of happiness in her new world. How can Elyon bridge the gap between her old life and her royal future?
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Published September 2nd 2004 by Hyperion Books (first published January 1st 2002
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W.I.T.C.H. #10: Un ponte tra due mondi
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gave it

You name it I was into it.So why only the three stars if I loved it so much? Well as time went by, I grew disinterested in the series.

Don ’ t get me wrong, they ’ re not bad books – they ’ re simply not something I can go back to now that I ’ m older.Thoroughly enjoyable at the time, but not quite so much now.

gave it

Juli is missing Elyon at the same time.

Valtrek comes in the form of a message from Elyon who needs there help to rescue their parents.

MY THOUGHTS: The las thing I took from this essay is how it feels to care about someone ( no matter how long you 've known them) despite how bad they ( seemingly) turn out to be.

It seems like they do n't trust her ( shown when Valtrek comes to deliver the message), but Cornelia is the nly one that still seems to be clinging to the good that she knows that 's there in Elyon.

But it seems like in the beginnin, she 's on the right ath to being Meridian 's Light.RATING:6

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