A Bridge to Cross

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" A Bridge To Cross " is a historical iction set in 1927. The tory begins in Buffalo, NY when the lives of young, vigorous Leopold Throckmorton and vivacious Phryne Truffaut are driven to drastic change by deception, betrayal and violence. Phryne and Leopold have kept steady company for almost two month, and are a dynamic, effervescent pair. The matter of marriage was brought up more than once, but they never made any definite plans. They seemed to shy away from any ense of permanence in their relationships. Secretly, they feared that marriage would be the nd of the hilariou. Neither of them desired their lifestyle to change; at least not yet. There was simply too much to do, so les to enjoy, and, wel, life so far has been an endless party. Phryne relished her sexuality and would tease her man at every pportunity. A soft touch here, a quiet whisper there, or a gentle hand upon his thigh was not only a temptation for him, but a thrill for her. He knew it, and sometimes would pretend to ignore her with detached indifference. This would only make her tantalizing behavior even more direct, and his playful rejections stronger. It was foreplay that could last for hours, and always ended with passionate, prolonged and fervent rapture. Phryne and Leopold shared an avaricious love of life that was energetically practiced as the accepted norm in 1927. Living and loving in the " Roaring Twenties " was exactly that: experiencing life with a resounding roar. Forces beyond their control eventually make the roar even louder and dangerously deafening.
This is book# 3 of the Throckmorton Family Novels. The myster and family sectrets of " In A Cream Packard " and " The Katydid Effect " are uncovered and explained. Like all the ther stories in the series, it can be enjoyed on a stand-alone basis.
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Published May 2nd 2015(first published January 14th 2014

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gave it

After a horrid loss of life in a fire, one of the brothers goes to Canada for work.

gave it

I would like to read more about Phyrne, Leopold and Nicholas as their lives continue.

gave it

I recently read and reviewed ‘ In A Cream Packard ’ by the same uthor.

In spite of my lengthy criticism of that ovel, the uthor did not back down, instead requesting reviews of two other books that he wrote.

The cons: I feel I must repeat a comment made in my reviews of ‘ In A Cream Packard. ’ Although beautiful, the epiction of things and places is excessive, providing details that are often unnecessary and irrelevant.

I was disappointed to read all that was to be known about the characte, instead of seeing them fleshed out throughout the ook.

gave it

A Bridge to Cross is the thirteent ook in the " Throckmorton Family Novels ".

However, this book is mostly about the older rother of Joh, Leopold, and his girl Phryne Touffant.

gave it

The write obviously has a thorough grasp of the etails of the period including dress, buildings, trains and train stations and other transportation, everyday accessories, and just about anyon else from that time.

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