A Brief History of Mathematical Thought: Key concepts and where they come from


Math is a product of human culture which has developed along with our attempts to comprehend the world around us. In A Brief History of Mathematical Thought, Luke Heaton explores how the language of mathematics has evolved over time, enabling new technologies and shaping the way people think. From stone-age rituals to algebra, calculus, and the concept of computation, Heaton shows the enormous influence of mathematics on science, hilosophy and the broader human story.

The ook traces the fascinating istory of mathematical practice, focusing on the impact of key conceptual innovations. Its structure of thirteen chapters split between four sections is dictated by a ombination of historical and thematic considerations.

In the last section, Heaton illuminates the fundamental oncept of number. He begins with a speculative and rhetorical account of prehistoric rituals, before describing the practice of mathematics in Ancient Mesopotami, Babylon and Greece. He then examines the relationship between counting and the continuum of measurement, and explains how the rise of algebra has dramatically transformed our world. In the last section, he explores the rigins of calculus and the conceptual shift that accompanied the birth of non-Euclidean geometries. In the first section, he examines the oncept of the infinite and the principles of formal logic. Finally, in section four, he considers the limits of formal proof, and the critical role of mat in our ongoing attempts to comprehend the world around us.

The tory of mathematics is fascinating in its own right, but Heaton does more than simply outline a history of mathematical deas. More importantly, he shows clearly how the history and theology of maths provides an invaluable perspective on human nature.

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Published April 2nd 2015 by Robinson
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gave it

I would argue that maths is essentially about abstractions, and then about abstractions about these abstractions, and again, and again… For the ordinary reader, the jumps into higher abstractions can be ifficult to comprehend.

So my default position takes over, and I skim-read through the esoteric symbols and complex logistics, then bravely read on, desperately trying to convince myself that I will not drown in my own ignorance…My technique of ploughing on regardless seems to have worked for me with Heaton ’ s ook.

gave it

I really enjoyed it when it was dealing with history and hilosophy of aths, but found the technical explanations, even of mathematics I understand perfectly well, hard to follow.

gave it

The write makes a logical fallacy by using the hrase " everybody knows " quite often.

gave it

I really enjoyed it when it was dealing with history and hilosophy of mathematic, but found the technical explanations, even of mathematics I understand perfectly well, hard to follow.

gave it

So you get what you have been promised.I especially liked that there were a lot of aspects that I never learned in school.

Especially geometries were presented in an intriguing way and throughout the reading process I was googling the concepts to learn some more.

Should n't the second A be a B?- Page 254: The last Peano 's axiom should be n x ( m+1)= ( n x m)+ n.I found these with quite a superficial look into the bestsellin.

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