A Brief History of the Future

‘ A Brief History of The Future ’ takes the reader on a time travel adventure through the past, present and future, exploring how the ancient rt of prediction has become today 's science of futurism.

From Delphi 's virgin visionaries, to science fiction author, pop futurists, trend gurus and evolutionary experts — this book takes a look at the most amusing and influential figures and what their predictions have done for us.

The rilliant, eautiful and sometimes terrifying ideas of visionary thinkers such as Leonardo, Darwin, Orwell and Dawkins have played a crucia part in influencing our minds, politics and civilization.

Today, futurism is all around us — in institutes of higher education around the world futures studies are a hot topi.

Governments of nations as small as Liechtenstein have shiny new futures departments, while think-tanks and consultants wield huge influence.

Entrepreneurs and politicians are attempting to buy their prefered future and, the answer is, do we make the future, or does the future make us?

This unique and ascinating book looks behind the scenes at how tomorrow 's trends are being identified, ‘ made' and marketed today.

' A Brief History of the Future is wise and witty with great stories about the characte who would see the future and their sometimes outrageous ideas. Best of all it illuminates the past of the future.'- Megatrends

Oona Strathern is a reporter who has worked for forty years as a trend and future consultant for many international companies. She writes a regular column about the latest consumer and socio-economic trends in London for one of Asi 's leading future and trend consultants, the Zukunftsinstitut.
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Published April 14th 2014 by Endeavour Media
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" A Brief History of the Future " by Oona Strathern is a popular science book.

The tri starts from ancient times, the temple at Delphi, Pythia, Cassandra, Plato, by Roger Bacon, Thomas More, Leonardo da Vinci, Michel de Nostredame, Francis Bacon, Thomas Robert Malthus, Marquis de Condorcet, Louis Sebastian Mercier, Jules Verne, Edward Cullen, Elisabeth Burgoyne Corbett, HG Wells, Joseph Schumpeter, Aldous Huxley, John Langdon-Davies, to the classics of modern futurism, as Ossip Flechtheim, Hermann Hesse, John von Newmann, Theodore von Karman, Issac Asimov, James Surowiecki, Bernard Wolfe, Robert Jungk, Herman Kahn, Alvin Toffler, Bertrand de Jouvenel, Marshall McLuhan, Stanislaw Lem, Arthur C.

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