A Brief History of Time


A landmark volume in science writing by one of the great min of our time, Stephen Hawking ’ s ook explores such profound questions as: How did the universe begin—and what made its start possible? Does time always flow forward? Is the universe unending—or are there boundaries? Are there other dimensions in space? What will happen when it all ends?

Told in language we all can understand, A Brief History of Time plunges into the exotic realms of black hol and quarks, of antimatter and “ arrows of time, ” of the big bang and a bigger God—where the possibilities are wondrous and unexpected. With exciting images and profound imagination, Stephen Hawking brings us closer to the ultimate secrets at the very heart of creation.
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Published March 4th 2011 by Bantam (first published April 1st 1988
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A Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes
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gave it

Is n't it amazing that a person can read a ook like A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking and come away feeling both smarter and dumber than before he started?

However, there were a few pages worth of passages where my wee brain felt like it was getting sucked into a black hole ... mainly during the black hole segment.I 've forgotten so much since I left school, and since school was such a shor time ago, some of what was taught back then is now outdated, it was nice to read this refresher/cleanser.

Pssh, whatever. " But that 's not his take at all, or at least that not the impression this book left me with.A Brief History of Time was written with accessibility in mind, knowing full well idiots like me would n't buy it, read it or recommend it if it were impossibly dense.

gave it

Stephen HawkingA Brief History of Time: From the Big Bang to Black Holes is a popular-science book on cosmology ( the study of the universe) by British physicist Stephen Hawking.

gave it

Especially when it comes to cosmology, this is possibly the best popular physics book that I 've ever read.

In some ways this feels like a transitional text, marking the passing of the public generation for whom the church determined the order of all things, and the coming of the current, secular generation.

gave it

If you have n't come across him, start with the lyrics to " E= MC Hawking ".

gave it

Hawking uses basic terminology and he tries not to overload his writing with explanations and information dumps, but at times it is very clear that the reader needs a certain level of nowledge to understand what he 's talking about.

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