A Bright New Morning: An American Story

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Published December 18th 2009 by Infinity Publishing (PA) (first published January 1st 2009
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gave it

If he decides to go that route, I believe the revised copy along with his album will get him steps closer to the goal in which he is trying to acheive.I give it 3 stars ( the nove was okay, but his music bumped the stars up a notch.)

gave it

Mr. Browne 's travels through and views of America centers on his hometown of Chicago.

Mr. Mitchell tires to diligently present his beliefs about and for America.

I knew that my spirituality was strong and it was sometimes hard to be around people.

What was I to do with students that did not want to learn? " There are othe little vignettes involving Mr. Mitchell 's time as a trolley driver in Chicago.

He writes that on one " Christmas Eve, I had over 11 homeless people board my trolley.

Mr. Mitchel ends his book with several quotes from famous people, the Bible and himself and his own poetr, song and prayer.NOTE: received book from author

gave it

A Bright New Morning: An American Story is the storie of one an 's journey from his childhood in a middle class neighborhood of Chicago to a journey across America to Croatia back to Chicago.Mitchell uses his alents and gifts to spread God 's ord and love.

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