A Broken Vessel


London 's notorious Haymarket district, Sally Stokes, a bold and bewitching Cockney prostitute, picks up three men one after the other and nicknames them Bristles, Blue Eyes, and Blinkers. From each of them Sally steals a handkerchief -- and from one she mistakenly steals a letter that contains an urgent plea for help from a distraught young woman.

Luckily, Sally 's brother is none other than Dipper, reformed pickpocket and valet to gifted amateur sleuth Julian Kestrel. After the writer of the etter is found dead, the authorities dismiss her death as suicide. But to Kestrel it looks like murder, and he forms an unlikely -- but highly entertaining -- alliance with Sally to track down the three clients. The two embark on a quest that leads them from a house of reclamation for fallen women to the abodes of England 's highest-ranking families as they race to unmask a dangerous killer.
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Published June 1st 1995 by Penguin Books (first published 1994
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A Broken Vessel
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gave it

Which makes it even stranger to me that she chose to make ally, the main protagonists of this mystery and sister to Kestrel 's valet, a plucky prostitute trope.

gave it

This series of books have some of the more worthwhile and creative mysteries and solutions.

gave it

Rare among mystery series, the haracters from the second nove 's mystery ( Dr.MacGregor, Philipa) pop up again in this essay, which makes everything feel more realistic.

gave it

This very particular gentleman that needs his bed sheets changed daily is going to slide between them with a street walking prostitute?

gave it

I enjoyed all of the storyline, their relationshi and the plot development.

gave it

( Busy night.) Julian becomes unaccountably interested in both the boy and the Mysterie, and detecting hijinks ensue.This is a pleasant enough read, but it lacks the eleganc of the last book.

gave it

And the part where the valet figured out they had slept together, and was HAPPY about it because it made him and his boss kind of like blood-brothers in some way?

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