A Broom of One's Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning & Life

For the twice-published novelist, reading an article about herself in the National Enquirer —under the headline " Here 's One for the Hardcove: Cleaning Lady Is an Acclaimed Author " —was more than a shock. It was an inspiration.

In A Broom of One 's Own, Nancy Peacock, whose first novel was selected by the New York Times as a Notable Book of the Month, explores with warmth, wit, and candor what it means to be a riter. An encouragement to all hard-working artists, no matter how they make a living, Peacock 's book provides valuable insights and advice on motivation, craft, and criticism while offering hilarious anecdotes about the houses she cleans.
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Published March 25th 2008 by Harper Perennial
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A Broom of One's Own: Words on Writing, Housecleaning, and Life
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gave it

Remembe you Nancy so much for writing this and not being bullied into submission by bad advice ( no one wants to know you are a housecleaner who did n't go to college).

gave it

It could n't really decide if it wanted to be a clever set of stories with witty barbs about the houses she cleaned or a standard book about the writing process and how to overcome the blank page.

gave it

Nancy Peacock hits so many nails on the head that seem to directly apply to my own life.In this book she recounts her experiences as a published uthor, who still cleans houses for a day job.

gave it

Quite a number and variety of living and work spaces were, over a fifteen-year stretch, straightened, scrubbed, polished, vacuumed, mopped -- you know the list -- by Nancy the housecleaner.

The world of the housecleaner is beneath her, but she can reach down and grab it; the world of the successful writer feels beyond her reach.I told myself that I should read A BROOM OF ONE 'S OWN because of Peacock 's avoidance of her calling; her dependence on a safety net that, for a shor time, kept her from claiming her place in line with the acrobats and aspiring acrobats; her eventual commitment to reaching out and up instead of down -- into somebody 's clogged drain.

gave it

Nancy Peacock knows a lot about people and writing.

gave it

I just loved everything about this.A Broom of One 's Own is a diar of Nancy Peacock 's life as both an acclaimed novelist and as someone who cleans houses for a living.

Although the essa is 10 years old, it 's quite timely in this age when it 's harder for any riter to make a living from their writing.

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