A Brother's Price

In a world where female are rarely born, they 've become a commodity-traded and sold like property. Jerin Whistler has come of age for marriage and his handsome features have come to the attention of the royal princesses. But such attentions can be dangerous-especially as Jerin uncovers the dark mysteries the royal family is hiding.
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Published July 5th 2005 by Roc
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A Brother's Price
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gave it

The conceit of this ook, as many critic have mentioned, is that male children are rare in this world, which is a blendin of a fantasy kingdom and the American wild west.

Or at least turn to artificial insemination to prevent the spread of disease via the cribs?) Yes, everal of the characters could benefit from the added depth and development of a equel.

gave it

He occasionally finds some of the restrictions placed on him unfair, but in general is only trying to find happiness within the system; so, a lot like the other 99% of romance novels, really.This is the book where I eventually realized ( very, very belatedly) that one of Leslie 's keen interests is how families organize themselves for reproduction.

gave it

But ultimately I 'm not really sure what Spencer was trying to say about the relationships between the exes, either in her world or in ours; the characters in the ook are actually fighting to maintain the status quo, but is n't ( part of) the point that the status quo—this unequal treatment of en and me, no matter who is on top—is pretty shitty?

gave it

So I 'm totally the target for this book, even before you get to the alternate world aspect, that there are ifteen times as many women than men in the world, so men are chattel, our plucky and virtuous protagonist is ale, the eir to the throne is female.

A swashbuckling romance Western in a genderswpped alternate world with group marriage.

And it is as absolutely perfect swashbuckling romance Western in a genderswapped alternate world with group marriage as you could imagine.

gave it

This stand-alone book had been tugging at my attention for years; I finally got around to loading it up on my Kindle in advance of an out-of-town trip.The plot and set-up have been described adequately in other reviews, but afterwards, a young woma born into a world where the ratio of men to women is about 1:20 has adventures and romantic dventures.

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