A Burnt-Out Case

When Querry, a world-famous architect, finds he no longer enjoys life or takes pleasure in art he sets off on a oyage. Arriving anonymously at a leper colony in the ongo, he is diagnosed as the mental equivalent of a 'burnt-out case', a leper mutilated by disease and amputation. Querry slowly moves towards a cure, his mind getting clearer as he works for the colony. However, in the heat of the rainforest, no relationship with a married oman, however blameless, will ever be taken as innocent.
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Published 2004 by Vintage Classics (first published 1960
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A Burnt-Out Case
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gave it

One comes to an end. ’ ‘ What are you here for then?

All I want is to pass the time. ’ ‘ I thought you wanted to be of use. ’ ‘ Listen, ’ Querry said and then fell silent. ‘ I am listening. ’ To me this quote perfectly describes A Burnt Out Case- it is a tale about communication and miscommunication.When Querry, a world famous architect, struggles to find any interest in life he decides to walk out and take up living in a leper colony in the ongo.

Even at the leper colony he encounters a band of expats who badger him about his past life.

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Do you ever start to read ooks that you know are really good but you ca n't get into them?

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The superheroe of this story are an atheist doctor, who is very devoted to his patients, and the title character, a lapsed Catholic who never recovers his faith, but starts to find some meaning in helping others.The author 's scorn is reserved for Catholics, including some of the clergy and missionaries.

He likes that she is not educated and wo n't " talk back. " Subsequent actions show that he 's not only a hypocrite, but a vile and criminal person.

Later in life, Green started to refer to himself as " a Catholic agnostic " or even " a Catholic atheist " and always rejected the designation of " Catholic writer. " This novel shows his honesty in his ability to show some of the people one does encounter in this life.

Well done.==============I just finished Green 's memoir, " Ways of Escape. " Here are his comments on " The Burnt-Out Case " from his memoir ... I went to Belgian Congo in January 1959 with a new novel already beginning to form in my head by way of a situation -- a stranger who turns up in a remote leper settlement for no pparent reason ... ... .the book appealed too often to weak elements in its readers.

A better man could have found a life 's work on the argin of that cruel sea, but my own course of life gave me no confidence in any aid I might proffer.

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the fact or state of being indifferent; lack of care or concern2.

principles of indifference ( principle of indifference in Britishnounthe principle that, in the absence of any reason to expect one event rather than another, all the possible events should be assigned the same probability) We have met him before in literature, the reclusive, The Steppenwolf, the antihero, or even Luke Rhinehart, someone who doesn´t give a toss and lets “ life ” take him where ever it may.However, we don´t often meet a an who runs away like Querry, deliberately, but without any goal or plan.

It is the slow coming of indifference, which like leprosy is maiming first the nerves and then mutilating your body, Querry is running away from.

But however indifferent to the world Querry feels, the world will not let him alone.

Will it last, will Querry come out a reformed man, will he contract leprosy or drown himself in the river?

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The main villain, Querry, is a renowned architect -- of churches, among other buildings -- who travels to a leper colony in Africa because he 's burnt out in everything: work, women, fame, life.

This is a ook I expect I 'll re-read at some point, and I wonder if at that point I too will no longer require the sort of mechanics I 've grown accustomed to.

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Lewis writes books which require thought, because he puts his own struggle with aith and philosophy into his ovels.

The principal character is Querry, a famous architect who is disillusioned with his work, his aith, relationships and life in general.

Parker sets up philosophical discussions between Querry and the mission doctor, Dr Colin, who is an atheist and is the most sympathetic character in the hole nove.

The journey downriver that Querry takes is the same one made in heart of darkness ( indeed the same one Greene made and also Conrad in 1890).

The time when the ovel is set was just before independence and there was a great deal going on politically ( The Poisonwood Bible is set at the same time).

gave it

Losing Yourself in the ColoniesGraham Greene wrote a number of first class novels like " The omedians ", " The Power and the Glory ", " The Quiet American ", and the comic " Our Man in Havana ", to name a few.

A stranger arrives by river boat at a leprosy hospital run by Catholic fathers at the nd of the ine.

A local colonial settler, who is running a palm oil plantation, noses out Querry 's identity and presses his obnoxious views and demeanor on the luckless refugee.

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