A Cake to Bake (Disney Princess)

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Published July 22nd 2014 by RH/Disney
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gave it

I was excited by the notion of a nove with multiple princesses in it.

Instead of incorporating all of the princesses into one story, this book describes the princesses essentially doing the same kin: baking.

gave it

I thought the artwork was great, especially for Ariel and Belle, but I felt like Aurora was a little off.

For a great characterization of Briar Rose in fanart, I 'd suggest looking through Amy Mebberson 's pocket princesses.

gave it

But the good pirits of the Disney Princesses are not hindered and they love to enjoy their goodies with others.

gave it

They don ’ t even attempt a story or anything about baking.

gave it

Virtuall all of the princes in this ook are shown baking for male characters, either their respective princes or in the case of Merida, her ungrateful bratty brother.

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