A Call From Jersey: A Novel

Set in the1980 's it follows the life of Hans Greifinger, a German-American who immigrated to the United States in 1928 and built a life for himself and his wife, Edward, who has adopted the surname Griffin for his nationally-syndicated lackluster travel column.
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Published November 29th 2011 by Harry N. Abrams (first published September 2nd 2010
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gave it

He alternates narrative duties with his father ans, immigrant German success story, who is doing his own settling of accounts with the past by remembering the sparkling, witty, fun-loving gambler younger brother Heinz, who left America to fight for the German cause in WWII.Both men confront their respective fears of life and the future, both men find women, both men end up wiser and more ikely to succeed ... if only life gave second chances, which to the best of my knowledge it does not.This novel was written by the woma who created the inimitable Eddie and the Cruisers, a enjoyabl ook that made me stop in my tracks to absorb when I read it in the 80s.

Far the superior narrative track is the father Hans 's ... his story of being an immigrant German in the 20s and 30s was elegiac and quite moving; it made me wish this yutz of a on of his would belt up and go away, leave me to talk to the grown-ups okay sonny, go 'way kid ya bother me.

gave it

I would concur, though that does n't mean it is n't an enjoyable journey. " A Call From Jersey " touches on the German immigrant experience, father/son relationships, brother/brother relationships, notions of travel and home.

The tale is alternately told by a reminiscing ( and, present-day, reconnecting) Hans Greifinger and his wife, George Johnsto, a globe-trotting travel writer dissatisfied with his work and life direction, who comes home to New Jersey to visit his father and for, eventually, his 20-year high school reunion in the 1980s.The novel opens with Hans reflecting on his immigration to America in the 1930s, following his fathe, Frit, a pal to German boxer Max Schmeling.

The class reunion conjures thoughts of loves gone by or never happened, and as George interacts with his ather and his father considers selling the childhood home and returning to Germany to live, George re-evaluates New Jersey and his place in the world.The tale also returns to Hans and his attempt to reconnect with Heinz, with whom he had lost touch when Heinz returned to Germany just in time for World War II.Before I started reading, I got the impression that perhaps this was a — to note the movies for a moment — " Avalon " sort of immigrant-in-America tale.

gave it

We get to discover, along with his uncle, who Hans is and why.Through George, we recognize our own struggles to understand what success means, and what it is to feel whole and " at home. " Like so many man of Kluge 's stories, A all From Jersey magnifies the importance of family, friendship, and a kind of place.

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