A Call to Duty

Growing up, Travis Uriah Long yearned for order and discipline in his life ... the two things his neglectful mother could n't or would n't provide. So when Travis enlisted in the Royal Manticoran Navy, he thought he 'd finally found the structure he 'd always wanted so desperately.

But life in the RMN is n't exactly what he expected. Boot camp is rough and frustrating; his first ship assignment lax and disorderly; and with the Star Kingdom of Manticore still recovering from a devastating plague, the Navy is possibly on the dge of extinction.

The Star Kingdom is a minor nation among the worlds of the Diaspora, its closest neighbors weeks or months away, with little in the ay of resources. With only modest interstellar trade, no foreign contacts to speak of, a plague-ravaged economy to rebuild, and no enemies looming at the hyper limit, there are factions in Parliament who want nothing more than to scrap the Navy and shift its resources and manpower elsewhere.

But those factions are mistaken. The universe is not a safe place.

Travis Long is about to find that out.
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Published September 16th 2014 by Baen Books (first published September 15th 2014
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A Call to Duty
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gave it

And I figured, if he is teaming up with Timothy Zahn ( another of my favorite science fiction authors), the the results just have to be decen, right? Of course right!

Timothy Zahn helps reign in David Weber 's tendency to get uber verbose, resulting in an Honorverse tale that is lean, mean, and highly imaginativ.

Into this ill-equipped Navy comes our main POV character and " everyman " protagonist Travis Long.

Neal is our window into this world, and though his rule-following can get a LITTLE awkward at times, he 's a pretty solid character to serve as our surrogate.

In typical Weber/Zahn fashion, there are plenty of supporting characters to help flesh out the ale, and they range from interesting to unnecessary.

gave it

Man of the autobiography ( once you get into it) follows new RMN recruit Travis Long, from his boot camp days to Spacer Third Class to points beyond.

I have hopes for this series; I expect that the first book at least would continue to follow Long, but there 's a bit of a teaser in the inal chapter, so it 's ard to say where all this is going.

gave it

One of our rotagonists is Travis Long, who enlists in the RMN ( Royal Manticore Navy) while his supposed friends rob a neighboring jewelry store.

While I like Jason, and etzger and Donnelly, the novel still lacked great character development.

gave it

A Call to Duty combines Zahn 's exceptional high quality character development with Weber 's hard-core science fiction.

gave it

But the general thrust of the lots seemed similar.

I enjoyed both books and will likely read this one again, as I have Quarter Share.

gave it

It was " weird " getting that perspective on Manticore and Haven being friends and adversarie, and it simply feels too odd.

Ooh, and the Andermani Empire is not yet, for Anderman is just beginning to build it.Oh, it gets your heart rate up, mostly because ( if you 've read any of the Honor Harrington stories) you get so angry with shortsighted politicians more interested in feathering their own nest than in protecting their planet or their people.

One of a number of small hooks to encourage us to pick up the ext in the series.There is a bigger hook at the beginnin of the tory: the discovery of the wormhole that will change everything for Manticore, except it looks as if someone else will benefit from it!

I ca n't wait to see how Manticore will lay its claim! Most of A Call to Duty is laying the background for this new sub series, introducing us to the very few officers who will help project Manticore into the future that lies ahead of it.

It 's through Travis that the tory is told, a spacer who believes it 's crucia to really know how things work.

It 's lucky for Travis when he gets assigned to HMS Guardian where the difference between how Davison runs his ship and how Eigen runs Guardian is like night and day.

Knowing that eventually Travis' beliefs will come true and be enforced is encouraging as you read through this muck of lazy sods.

She had some good answer for Travis, and she 's a stand-up officer.When it comes down to the feeling of the story finally beginning…whoa.

Gunner 's Mate First Class Johnny Funk is Travis' platoon commander.

Captain William Cyrus is the Impeller Tech Division 's senior officer to whom Travis reports the cheating.

Manticore had promised great things if the Massingills would come to the Star Kingdom and train the Royal Marines and work on ambitious projects.

He has no experience, but because of his " exalted " family, he thinks he knows it all.Travis' small circle of friends in high schoolBassit Corcoran leads the group that includes Pinker, Jammy, and Travis.The Royal Manticoran NavyCaptain Horace " Race " Kiselev has been keeping watch over the mothballed fleet that includes the HMS Mars, and is being named to be Casey-Rosewood 's new commanding officer and promoted to commodore.

Lieutenant Anne Blackstone was the Royal Manticoran Navy recruiter that night.HMS Vanguard is……where Travis will be assigned under the command of Captain Robert Davison, a waste of space.

There 's no good hoping that Spacer Second Class Tully Atherton 's experience will slow Travis down.

Lieutenant Lisa Donnelly is the officer who listens to Travis.

Chief Gravitics Tech Randall Craddock is Travis' new boss.

HMS Guardian is……going to the Secours sale with Commodore Kiselev in overall command of the mission and leaving Captain Eigen in command of the hip.

Kiselev takes on Metzger as XO; Massingill will be onboard as the Marine commander with Sergeants Holderlin and Pohjola; Gill will come aboard as well; Donnelly and Long are assigned too; Lieutenant Ioanna Kountouriote is in gravitics.

Com Specialist Second Class Patty Boysenko is cool with helping out with communications or with her sharpshooting skills; Lieutenant Grace Burns, Officer of the Watch — and daughter of Baron White Springs, I 'll have you know — is not.

I think the ambitious Captain Wolfe " Moss " Guzarwan is " leading " the fake delegation from Ueshiba while Captain Oberon Jalla claims to be part of the Concordia Shipping Company of Third Brunswick.

Haven ship RHNS Saintonge is hosting……the Secours sale.

Crevillan is the shuttle 's coxswain; Prevost is the co-pilot.General Chu is in command of the land forces on Marienbad.Other systems interested in the sale include……Micah, Zuckerman, the ravaged Ramon, Suchien, Yalta, and Casca.Captain Gordon Henderson is with the Cascan Defense Force and brings their pirate problem to everyone 's attention.

Luther Luangpraseut is an analyst working under Wamocha who believes he 's found a new wormhole near Manticore.

gave it

I went into this one not even knowing what I was going into, except that " it seems to be military sci-fi, and I sor of felt like reading this genre at the moment. " Especially since the blurb depicted a somewhat decadent Navy, and that such settings are always ripe for a lot of tropes I tend to appreciate.Travis Long is a young an, even a teenager, whose family does n't pay much attention to: his half-brother Gavin is a ord, and his siblings is busy with her work.

Fortunately, this does n't last for long, and Vaughn does n't dwell on it for the hole ovel; we only get a little reminder a couple of times.

He did n't strike me as a villai who would forever remain the same.The novel focuses on two major themes: Travis 's life in the Navy ( as well as the problems that it has to face later—not going to spoil), and the ame of politics that runs behind the scen.

believable to me.The novel has its laws, and I would n't consider it as goo, but as a beginning to a series, I think it sets the stage for a lot of potentially interesting developments, and I certainly would n't mind reading the next seque.

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