A Caminho do Altar

regory Bridgerton procura a sua alma gémea. Acredita fervorosamente no amor verdadeiro, por isso não tem dúvidas de que saberá reconhecer a mulher da sua vida com facilidade. E, de facto, ao conhecer Hermione Watson, o jovem fica rendido.
Mas, oh ... que tragédia!, a estonteante Hermione está apaixonada por outro. É aí que entra Lucy Abernathy, a melhor amiga dela, sempre disposta a ajudar. Mesmo quando percebe que ela própria sucumbiu ao incurável romantismo de Gregory.
Infelizmente, existe um outro “ mas ” ... Pois Lucy está noiva, e tenciona colocar a honra acima dos seus sentimentos. Quanto a Gregory, no momento em que finalmente compreende que os desígnios do coração são mais intrincados do que pensava, já a sua amada vai a caminho do altar. Será que é demasiado tarde?
A Caminho do Altar é o oitavo volume da deliciosa série protagonizada pela família Bridgerton.
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Published May 10th 2016 by Edições Asa (first published June 27th 2006
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On the Way to the Wedding
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gave it

I think it ’ s more believabl than Benedict ’ s bestselling, and once Gregory wakes up, he ’ s a better hero than Colin.

To Sir Phillip, With Love1.

gave it

As in this is the least sexy times of the whol series, I believe.Plan on reading more by the novelis: Oh sure.Synopsis: Gregory sees the love of his life from across the room and is basically struck mute by Cupid 's arrow.

He 's just a bit daft to see that his true love is standing right next to the happiness of his life.

Eventually, the dream of his life is caught in a compromising position with his true love 's brother and the curtains come off, as it were.

Eventually, he sees that indeed Lucy is his one true love and he better get moving.

This felt not like a proper ending to a series, but a middling attempt at being done with something- the act of just getting it done with and put away.

That was a ood ending to be had by all.

gave it

I could n't for the lover of me like neither the hero nor the heroine, even if I liked her better ...

First he was creazy in love with Hermione ( by the way, I could n't stop immaging her like Hermione from Harry Potter ... LOL), then he stopped loving her and fall crazy in love with Lucy ... Well, for me that 's not love!

gave it

But Hermione 's ( damn, I feel like I am in Harry Potter) BFF, Belind, or Amand, wants to save her boyfrien from that disastrous union and tries to forge one between Hermione and Gregory.

But the greatest plans do n't always go smoothly, and Katherine, a man who has always done her duty and is engaged to be married ( now it seriously does n't help that her iance is gay- if JQ was adding a gay character, she should make him more fun), falls for Gregory.

Clement is blissfully ( or not) unaware about his growing feelings toward ucy and things get even more testy when Lucy is forced to marry.

I have never seen this theme in major HR books and its novelty was the las hing that kept me going.

And I honestly felt like they were too stupi to help her out.

Overall, this is really 2.5 stars, but I feel too annoyed with the book to be nice enough to grant a 3.

gave it

Cyril is mooning over someone he barely knows and calling it " love " and Lucy is obliviously helping with completely useless advice.

I mean, half of the trilog so far has been navel-gazing by one lead or another thinking about what love is and do they really and will their life be tolerable and would n't it be nice if they could be with the other only that 's obviously not going to happen because reasons.

And you could cut it in half if you just removed all the monologuing about stuff that was blindingly obvious and/or completely redundant.I feel like Quinn phoned this one in, larded a bunch of extra crap on it when the editor complained, and then added the prospective father-in-law out of misanthropic spite.

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