A Candle in the Darkness

Is there life after death? Not according to alerie. Following the accidental death of her usband, Valerie was distraught. With Sabrina ’ s mother-in-law saying repeatedly that Randy was still with her, Rebecca ’ s betrayal was amplified. Randy, the centr of her life, was not with her. He died and was buried in a asket in the ground.
In spite of severe storm warnings, and against her in-laws' advice, Valerie set out for Maryland, where she and Jess had been planning to live. It took a tornado, and the ords of a stranger to show Valerie exactly how to move on without Randy; or was it with him?
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Published March 23rd 2013 by Karen Black
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gave it

I have tried to write short stories and at about 100 pages realized that I 've failed dismally ( again).

gave it

Valerie lit the candles, and Dorene said, “ I used to help my mom can food from the arden, in the back of the bedroom.

I always liked to see the jars lined up on the shelves. ” I recommend this retellin to anyone who has lost anyone, especially a spouse, and eels very alone.

gave it

Heather has written many such stories and I admire her prowess of crafting loving characters.

gave it

The internal struggle with losing her usband and questioning if there was an afterlife felt very real.

gave it

With a good ditor, this would easily be a five-star read.

gave it

Taking shelter from a tornado in the cellar of a motel Valerie will learn things she never expected.A well written short, that is difficult to read.

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