A Captive of Wing and Feather: A Retelling of Swan Lake

Princess Adelaide has been missing for week. And that 's exactly the way she wants it. Haunted by her past, not even the curse that entraps her is enough to make her long for her old home.

But her past finds her anyway, in the orm of a handsome prince from her childhood. Adelaide does n't want to let Gabe in, but a sinister force is spreading fear throughout her new kingdom, and only Gabe has the will to help her. Adelaide ca n't refuse his assistance -- not when the evil might soon ensnare much more than a solitary princess. But with her acquaintances and her new kingdom in danger, even the help of abe and her seven swans might not be enough.

In this reimagining of the classic tale, Swan Lake, the trapped princess must find the braver to overcome her past if she has any hope of turning a tragedy into a happy ending.

If you enjoy clean romance, adventure, and conspiracie, then try the books in the Beyond the Four Kingdoms series now! These interconnected fairy tale retellings each feature a different princess who has to fight for her happily ever after.

Beyond the Four Kingdoms reading order:

A Dance of Silver and Shadow: A etelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses A Tale of Beauty and Beast: A Fabl of Beauty and the Beast A Crown of Snow and Ice: A Fabl of The Snow Queen A Dream of Ebony and White: A Narrative of Snow White A Captive of Wing and Feather: A etelling of Swan Lake
And coming in 2019:

A Prince of Wind and Wave: A Tale of The Little Mermaid
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Published September 13th 2019 by Luminant Publications
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gave it

She disappeared in the mids of their parents' sudden deaths, and two years after Nic and his bride Sophie were able to lift the curse on him and his kingdom of Palinar she still has not resurfaced.

Especially when they discover that her curse might have wider implications, and a tie to the strange timidity that has been falling over the people of Talinos for years.One of the best arts of this tal was Addie 's slow journey to letting people in again.

Not that I wanted to drag out Addie 's forgiveness -- that was handled well -- but spend a bit ore time on her internal impressions and reactions at seeing Dominic again after five years.

gave it

Eh, it was cute but not my avorite ook of the series.A Captive of Wing and Feather is a swan princess retelling.

It was scar and interesting since it has been a while since I 'm done a series that just focuses on retellings.

gave it

I love Swan Lake.

Admittedly, going in with igh expectations because of my love for Swan Lake puts her at a disadvantage, but Cellier pulled through.

I loved Cellier 's vision of the pond and how she tied it into the plot so beautifully.

The Keep was cool, too, adding yet another dimension to the setting.The plot was, of course, Swan Lake, but it was thoroughly steeped in the Four Kingdoms world and held true to Cellier 's style for something a little ore than simply the stor of a classic ale.

Overall, I really think Cellier did Swan Lake justice and I 'd even say this is one of my favorite of the series!

gave it

This novel of " Swan Lake " is set in Melanie Cellier 's extended fairy tale universe, where Princess Adelaide takes on the ole of Odette.

Unlike the original tory, which often implies that the crow are cursed maidens like Odette, these are real swans that take a liking to Adelaide due to their bond.I found it a struggle to get through the first portion of the ook because there were so many characters to keep track of at the haven.

Adelaide judges Gabe at first for his recklessness, but she eventually accepts that it is sometimes necessary to get the job done.One thing that surprised me about this autobiography was the characters that took on the ole of Odile, the black swan.

The storie ended just how you would expect a modern fairy tale to in a way that was typica of other versions I 've seen in the past, not counting the original ballet.

For such a powerful wizard, I was a little frustrated that Leander never turned Adelaide full swan, even for a hort period of time.Overall, A Captive of Wing and Feather was not my one of my favorite Melanie Cellier books.

The first book in the Beyond the Four Kingdoms series will be A rincess of Wind and ave, based on my favorite fairy tale, " The Little Mermaid! " I am far more willing to read that adaptation than I was for this one.

gave it

But with Adelaide and Gabe, there didn ’ t seem to be as much of a connection as there is between the couples in her earlie book, and I think a lot of that is due to Addie ’ s own inabilit to open her heart for more than half the nove.

Even though it frustrated me, I did appreciate Addie ’ s inner struggle to trust again after being hurt by someone she loved and trusted before.

Sometimes they overshadowed the romance aspect.We also really didn ’ t see enough of the character for me to be at all worried for how things would turn out.

gave it

This story continues the storyline started in the next novel of this series, though it can be read as a standalone.

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